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Giving 10% to Save Rhinos

Giving 10% to Save Rhinos

Heart Shaped Games donates 10% of net revenue from the We Are The Caretakers game to Wildlife Conservation Network to protect rhinos in the wild.

We Are The Caretakers Game

Game Design & In-Game Discovery

We Are The Caretakers is designed as an exciting sci-fi allegory to build awareness for real world conservation challenges. The game also features a "Discovery" section to learn how to make a difference.

Advance to Anti-Poaching

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Inspired by Real Wildlife Heroes

Poaching, illegal wildlife trade, and loss of habitat are the biggest threats to the survival of rhinos, elephants, and many other species around the world. The solution lies in reducing demand for wildlife parts and products, and strengthening the front-line protection of wildlife in the field.

Rangers put their lives on the line and must patrol vast landscapes to protect endangered animals, despite not having basic resources and equipment.

Our hope is to build the game along with a community of real world Caretakers to become a vehicle for better understanding and addressing the challenges endangered animals and conservation workers face each day.


Fewer than 25,000 rhinos remain in the wild across Africa and Asia, and 3 of the 5 remaining rhino species are critically endangered. Rhinos are threatened with poaching for their horns, which are fed into illegal trafficking trade streams, as well as loss of habitat.

We know it is not too late to save rhinos. The Rhino Recovery Fund invests in the most effective projects to defend rhinos across their range and support their recovery in their natural habitats. These projects aim to halt illegal poaching of rhino, reduce demand for their horns, and support communities living alongside wild rhino to make their protection relevant.

To date, the Rhino Recovery Fund has deployed over $2 million to support the protection of rhinos in 8 countries around the world. Learn more about these projects or make a donation.



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