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We Are The Caretakers is an afrofuturist sci-fi squad management RPG about protecting endangered animals and your planet from extinction. Recruit, train, manage and build squads of arcane protectors called The Caretakers, after the massive energy barrier that separates you from a wider universe mysteriously falls. Blending inspirations from Ogre Battle, XCOM, Darkest Dungeon, and Northgard, We Are The Caretakers is a strategy game like nothing else you've played before. Grow a resistance of over 70 characters while managing your reputation, funds, animals, and alliances.


We Are The Caretakers (WATC) draws on the first-hand experiences of real world rangers, conservationists, and researchers to model and evolve the human-environmental concerns of today into an exciting and engaging strategy game experience. The game introduces players to an original sci-fi universe with nuanced societies, deep mysteries, layered management challenges, and escalating conflicts that have no easy or absolute solutions. Developed by a critically-acclaimed, award-winning, and diverse team including IGF nominees, ex-Microsoft, and ex-Blizzard developers, We Are The Caretakers is the most ambitious Heart Shaped Games project to date.


  • ORIGINAL AFROFUTURIST UNIVERSE: Former Activision-Blizzard artist Anthony Jones brings breathtaking afrofuturist style and human empathy to the complex sci-fi world of We Are The Caretakers.
  • REPUTATION SYSTEM: Every action committed in the world affects how others see the Caretakers. Do they fear you? Or will they support your quest to protect the endangered Raun, and decide the fate of the world?
  • HUMAN SQUADS: Assemble up to 9 squads with diverse traits, weaknesses, abilities, and personalities. Train and upgrade your Caretakers across 20+ unique job classes.
  • TAILORED GENERATION: Our new approach to procedural generation means you get infinite, interesting levels, that still feel hand-made.
  • COMPLEX CONFLICT: An innovative combination of autobattling combat and permanent consequences shows the messy reality of animal conservation.
  • NUANCED NARRATIVE: In our morally-complex world, the individuals outside your squad matter as much as the rangers you deploy on each map.
  • CULTURAL DIPLOMACY: Meet international and community leaders inside your sci-fi HQ. Balance their conflicting demands to save our world.
  • RIGOROUS RESEARCH: Guide the direction and specialties of your organization. From field-level technology upgrades, to large-scale speculative reseearch and development, your decisions have a global impact.
  • YOU GET A BABY RAUN: It will nuzzle against your bed long after it grows too large to reasonably do so. It is adorable.


We Are The Caretakers Early Access Release Date Trailer (2021) YouTube

We Are The Caretakers Early Access Launch Trailer (2021) YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

    • "Indie MEGABOOTH Official Selection" Indie MEGABOOTH GDC Showcase 2020
    • "SAAM Arcade Selection" Washington DC, Smithsonian American Art Museum, August 3rd 2019
    • "WordPlay 2020 Official Selection" WordPlay Festival
    • "Gradient Convergence Selection" Game Devs of Color Expo: Gradient Convergence
    • "The Escapist Indie Showcase Selection" The Escapist Indie Showcase 2020
    • "The MIX Game Dev Direct Selection" Game Dev Direct Showcase 2021

    Selected Articles

      • "We Are The Caretakers stands out from the crowd with its afrofuturist stylings and environmentalist bent"
        - Dominic Tarason, Rock, Paper, Shotgun
      • "One of my most anticipated indie titles of the coming year."
        - Jacob Wood, Indie Hangover
      • "Afrofuturist squad management RPG We Are The Caretakers feels like an important next step for XCOM-esque titles."
        - Jeremy Peel, Wireframe Magazine

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      Heart Shaped Games is a design-centric indie game studio founded in 2010 by 18-year game industry veteran Scott Brodie. We're a diverse remote team of veteran developers from all over the world. Our mission is to have an impact by creating meaningful and memorable hit games that players love. Our award-winning games include We Are The Caretakers, Hero Generations, Brave Hand, and Highgrounds.

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      We Are The Caretakers Credits

      Scott Brodie
      Game Designer, Programmer

      Anthony Jones
      Art Director

      Xalavier Nelson Jr.
      Narrative Director

      Stephen Whittle

      Sherveen Uduwana

      Sara Eskandari
      Artist And Designer

      Kate Brodie
      Studio Manager

      Jon Parra

      Ben Parise

      Elan Gleiber

      Stride PR
      Public Relations

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