Heart Shaped Games
Based in Chelsea, Michigan

Release date:
Released to beta January 2013, Slated for release on Steam in 2015



Regular Price:

FREE Over 240 collectible characters available for purchase through the in-game shop.


Highgrounds is a strategy game with collectible units, similar to Magic the Gathering but without cards. Highgrounds has a unique combat mechanic: you can choose to place your characters “on the front line” or “in the back”, and each character has a different ability depending on their placement. Additionally, the order of your units within the front line and back line also matter very much. A well-timed shuffle can spell defeat for your enemies… or for you. Highgrounds is a game of skill and wit above all else. Complete the single player campaign to amass a powerful army, then compete in multiplayer matches to prove your worth (and win more units).


Highgrounds is the 2nd original strategy game design by Heart Shaped Games. It started life as a weekend collectible card game prototype, and after success in early playtests, grew into a full-on digital play-by-mail multiplayer strategy game. The game has been available as a public beta at HighgroundsGame.com since the begining of 2013 and has since seen releases on Kongregate.com, Newgrounds.com, and ArmorGames.com. It is slated to be released in full on Steam in 2015.
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