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Summer 2017

iOS and Android


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You’ve landed on a mysterious Island and unearthed a long forgotten card game. As you play, you begin to unravel clues to its origin, strategy, and hidden powers. Are you brave enough to push on and discover all of its secrets? Brave Hand is an original single-player card game about pushing your luck. Beautifully simple yet deeply strategic. As you play, you reveal the story of the Wanderer and the Guardian, depicted across 16 gorgeous hand-painted themes. An elegant design that combines the simplicity of classic card games like War, the test of will of Blackjack, and the strategy of collectible card games.


Brave Hand was inspired by the desire for a more strategic and exciting single player card game. The game attempts to take the play style of solitaire, and enhance it with more emotion, competition, and strategic decisions found in CCGS, Poker, and deckbuilding games. In tandem, we feel the game has a very relatable set of life lessons to teach through its mechanics. To get players thinking about those lessons, I’ve paired the game with an original story that reveals itself as beautiful illustrations that unlock as you play. Much like the inspiring visual work of children’s author Aaron Becker, the story is intended to be interpretive, and mirrors the emotions of the risk and reward journey of each game. Above and beyond core gameplay, Brave Hand is an experiment in connecting narrative and mechanics.



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      About Heart Shaped Games

      Heart Shaped Games is a design-centric independent game studio focused on building meaningful and memorable games. Founded by former Mircrosoft Xbox LIVE Arcade Producer Scott Brodie, we build games players love! (Looking for info on our projects? Hero Generations: http://heartshapedgames.com/press/sheet.php?p=Hero%20Generations | Highgrounds - http://heartshapedgames.com/press/sheet.php?p=Highgrounds )

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      Brave Hand Credits

      Scott Brodie
      Game Designer, Programmer, Founder

      Riley Frambes

      Kate Brodie
      Studio Manager

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