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v1.75 Update! New Prices, Daily Unit Event, Deck Stats, and more!
I'm really excited about our latest update that was just pushed live for Highgrounds (v1.75). I've been taking a hard look at everything in the game, and thinking about what features and changes I'd like to see as a player. This update adds a bunch of things I've wanted to get into the game ahead of our next major expansion, and there is more to come over the next few weeks.

#1: New Gem Prices!!

I'm very happy to give you more gems for your purchases now. I think these prices represent the right value, and reward you for supporting us with the bigger bundle purchases. Here are the new prices.

$5 = 450 Gems
$10 = 1100 Gems (+200 Bonus Gems)
$20 = 2300 Gems (+500 Bonus Gems)
$50 = 5600 Gems (+1100 Bonus Gems)

Note: the bonus gem calculations are based upon the new base cost. You'll notice that compared to the old prices, you are actually getting even more gems. Relative to the old base price ($5 = 400G), you are now getting the following amount of extra gems: $5 = 50G, $10 = 300G, $20 = 700G, $50 = 1600G!

#2: Individual units now for sale in the shop! 

There are now two new entries in the shop: a random single unit for 20 Gems, and the new "daily unit" event character. The daily unit is a specific unit on sale, but just that day. Each day the slot will change to feature a new unit. Prices vary based upon the rarity of the featured character. Most all characters except Legendary units and some basic commons that everyone already has will eventually cycle into this spot. Check back daily to see if the unit that has been alluding you in packs is available!


The daily unit will appear on the base camp screen as well, where you can hover over it to view it's stats before purchasing.

#3: New Deck Stats UI in the deck editor

To help you get a quick look at your deck's "cost curve" , I've created a simple graph that you can bring up to show how balanced your deck costs are. Click the magnifying glass icon next to the deck population info to toggle this graph on and off.


What other info would you like to see exposed?

Other Changes:
-The quests menu will now account for when events are completed or need to be reset, and adjust the list display.
-New tips added to the list of messages that appear while searching for a live match.
-behind the scenes: further balancing of the new expansion set.

Thanks, and if you like this update, consider sharing the link to the game with your friends on social media. Word of mouth goes a long way for us! You can tag or .
Founder, Lead Designer on Hero Generations
Awesome. Loving the ability to purchase a single known unit. 38 Jakks! I thought 20 Mags was a lot! Smile

A really frequent request lately has been a filter for crafting - like removing units from the craft list that can't actually be crafted. Better yet, a filter that automatically removes invalid units as soon as you drag a unit to craft into the crafting space.

I could probably write a full page worth of UI stuff and feature requests, so careful what you wish for. Smile

Thanks for the update, looking forward to further improvements!
wow... Viath as second purchase the second day for 1200 (three weeks income) and I have 1165... let's analyze...
-Got all Cs and Us; 1 unit in 79% Rs and 57% Us (24/42), so enough chance of getting some new by buying packs.
-It would cost me double, at the least 2400 (6 packs x400), to craft a new U (6x2 repeated Rs) and half a L (6 repeated Us) though little chance of getting Viath...
Mmm.. not yet. 1/18 chance of getting Viath by crafting + possible new units is enough for me for now. But I think it's well balanced.

PS: how much a legendary, 10000 perhaps? 15000?
->PS: how much a legendary, 10000 perhaps? 15000?

I decided not to offer legendary units in the daily spot for now. Mainly because as you said they would have to be pretty expensive, and partly because I want to see how the feature goes for awhile. It all depends on the demand for that, etc.

Thanks for spelling out your thought process on considering the UR currently up.
Founder, Lead Designer on Hero Generations
What units are available with the 20 Gem random unit purchase? All?
Fear my mediocrity!
The mouseover text for the 20 gem purchase says that there's a small chance for an uncommon and a smaller chance for a rare.

There are only a few UR units I'd buy for 1200 if they came up, but I have to weigh that against the chance of getting a legendary from three core packs. Not to mention I'd get a ton of other units, even if they're dupes.
For the right unit, 1200 is a bargain. Who knows what your odds will be of getting that 2nd Arthur, but if it comes up on the daily unit? It's a sure thing.

I like it because you're not just getting a UR (which alone wouldn't be worth the full 1200), you're getting exactly the UR you want, and you can skip all of the ones you don't want or already have.

And of course the same goes for the lower rarity daily units. Maybe priced slightly higher than their individual worth, but you can get exactly what you want/need.
PS: just noticed: great idea showing the day-purchase-unit on the camp; at first I thought it was a multiplayer option.

Suggestion: what about placing it above the stairs at the right? It's a place it's never been used before and people will notice it faster.
Give it a circle or something. A box.

Have to reload to see the new unit in the base camp.
Love love love the daily unit buy. Strikes a fantastic balance, particularly for long time players, and provides a compelling reason to check in daily.

Love the work you're doing here Scott. Keep it up.

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