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Help with Forest Deck
I've made a forest deck that I've had some success with, mostly due to Gild arrow disruption. However, I tend to get inconsistent draws, and also tend to never get Grey out in a timely fashion, sometimes at all. I still haven't figured out how to use transform well.

[Image: pdeck-2d8f40aac9fc540eb322ff9c9d8db6aa.png]

Max Damage = 46

What I can change to make it better? Should I even bother with Grey in this deck?
Fear my mediocrity!
I meant to post a reply last night but was busy. I'll post tonight hopefully. Just don't think your post has gone unnoticed.
Ditch Grey, he's slowing you down and not providing that much benefit. Speed is more of your friend here.

Maybe ditch one or both Abbie's. If you keep one of the Abbie's, maybe consider ditching Ench, as you probably won't need his recruit if you can keep your deck down to 14 units.

If you have 2 Ansel and 2 Gumil in your collection, consider using them instead of Feng and Loup. Gumil costs more than Feng, but he has 1 Defense in front, and can produce 3 wood in back which can help you bring out that semi-expensive Commander. Ansel is just as good as Loup in the front row, and in back he can use his Protect on Gumil to turn Gumil into an anti-Spike Defense wall.
Cool, thanks for the input.

I do have Gumils and Ansels, but the reason why I didn't use them in the first place was speed. I wanted to get out damage as early as possible, thus Feng instead of Gumil. And so to add more punch I had to add Loup.

But I'll try changing to Gumil and Ansel and see how the deck does.
Fear my mediocrity!
Ditched wolves in favour of dogs, got rid of an Abbie.

So far...ehhhh.

More consistent first turn draws, I think, but on 2nd turn it seems less consistent. Maybe just bad luck? Also it's sometimes a pain to get out the dogs, but maybe that's just because I'm not used to it yet.

Will try some more games with the altered version before making further judgement.
Fear my mediocrity!
How about adding a Slog or two? Maybe instead of Marsh, and/or any remaining Abbie's/Ench.
Hello, cut down version of my Dog deck. With Blights replaced with Gilds. And missing Powell.


Thanks for your input, but I think I won't be using it that much.

I reverted the deck and cut it down, and I think it works better now. Thanks anyway.

Still not optimal, probably, but I like it and it's fun, so eh Tongue
Fear my mediocrity!

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