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Beta version 1.0 is now available!
Beta version 1.0 of Hero Generations has just been released! While this version of the game has the new polished art style, the game is still very much a work in progress, and will definitely have bugs, missing features, and content we still want to get in the game. 

I'm extremely excited to get your feedback, ideas, and bug reports on this version of the game. Our plan is to continually update the Beta version of the game roughly every 2 weeks between now and the final release of the game sometime in the first quarter of 2015. With every release, I'll make a post in these forums with some notes on what has changed since the last version.

Here is a summary of all of the big changes that have gone into the game since the previous Prototype/Alpha.

Change Log for Beta Version 1.0
  • All new art style implemented.
  • Revamped user interface design and artwork.
  • All characters use a brand new animation system, and have 6 new animations.
  • Persistent Overworld that contains 6 unique world areas (a world area is the typical 1-screen set of 8x8 spaces). Find the pathways on the border to travel to the adjacent worlds.
  • 3 unique world area types in this build: Forest, Desert, and Volcano/end world.
  • Each world area has its own unique boss, quests, secrets, and enemy types, and more.
  • You now have the option of entering most buildings. You hit the big "Enter Town" button that appears at the bottom of the screen. You can now optionally enter Towns, Shops, Lairs, Stations (there may be others too).
  • Saved games and loading! There is 1 save slot right now, but there will be up to 3 in the final game. The game auto-saves your progress at the end of every move! NOTE: saved games are likely to have bugs in them. When you report a bug, please note if the bug occurred after loading an existing game, or in a new game.
  • Tech tree! there are currently 16 buildings that unlock as you progress through the generations. The base 6 buildings can be upgraded into other building types when they are walked over, just like the base build location next to towns.
  • Local leaderboard tracking.
  • Leaderboard appears on main menu after deaths.
  • Many new item types, and there are now 4 varieties of specialty shops: General, Weapon, Item, and Gift. Plus the wandering Caravans. Many more items to come too!
  • New trait art that appears on characters.
  • New card flip mechanic: you earn more flip cards for mating early, and less for mating late. Card flip game also has new art and animations.
  • 3 Global quests that take many generations to complete. Click the "Global quests" buttons on the quests sidebar to view them.
  • different worlds have different difficulty settings. Difficulty makes monsters have more strength, and some quests give out more fame.
  • Male AND Female heroes.
  • Each town has a family crest that represents them. Heroes take on and show off the crest of their town in battle. (KS backer crests are not in the game yet).
  • 1 time bonuses offered for various "first time" events. Try to be the first hero to do something in the world, such as exploring to a new area of the overworld.
  • some enemies start with more gold so you can earn more gold when stealing.
  • Special backgrounds for all side view scenes. Towns, shops, and more.
  • There are a set of very special nodes in the world that only appear once in the entire overworld. explore to find them.
  • Revamped and polished tutorial.
  • balance changes to make the game more fun.
  • 3 new full music tracks, 1 for each world type. New Battle music.
  • First set of new character part variations. Many more to come that will make characters more unique in the future.
  • the game text is integrated into a localization system for future translation into other languages.
  • All 2,355 Kickstarter backers have been added to the credits if they wanted to be included.
  • More information provided about towns and nodes in the roll over help.
  • Tutorial help pop-ups only ever appear once. Will show up again if you play the tutorial a 2nd time.
  • more parental tips.
  • Mates are not present on the main game screen now, but the heart above towns throbs when a mate in the town loves you. visit towns to inspect mate properties.
  • Many, many, many bug fixes for crash bugs and gameplay issues.
Known Issues and Bugs
  • Temporary Stalls: After extended periods of play, the games texture memory will have to clear and reset itself. This may result in a freeze of the screen for about 5-7 seconds. So please wait at least 30 seconds before claiming frozen screen results in a crash. Don't Panic!! Smile
  • The character generation system on mating may result in some more same-looking characters. Also, it's possible for characters to get parts intended for the opposite gender sometimes (i.e. you may find some lady heroes with mustaches).
  • Saved game stability. They should work in 90% or more of the cases, but it's possible some objects, or some data may load improperly. We'll use the beta process to find all of the issues here.
  • Dropping items can be a pain and how to do it is not explained. Click the item buttons on the sidebar to drop items.
  • We have not tested the Mac and Linux versions of the build to the same level as the window build. please specify your platform when posting bugs please.
  • Slight performance hit at end of turn: saved games on lower end machines might introduce a small hiccup in performance while a single turn resolves.
  • There are not many city crafting options (i.e. the towns don't transform into new things based upon the surrounding buildings, except for 3 or 4 combinations). we plan to add a lot more in future builds.
  • Memory leaks have been solved, but there may be a few very tiny leaks. It would surprise me if any crash bugs occur do to memory leaks, but its possible this could happen after many hours of play.
  • The station/road building system doesn't work across worlds yet very well. Trying to travel to a different world once a ticket is connected may result in a crash or odd behavior. 
  • The volcano world is the least developed of the world areas. we'll be improving this as we go along.
  • Any blank screen crashes that occur are likely the result of actual crash bugs where something is just broken in the logic of the game. Where possible, try to remember the state of the game, what traits and items you were holding, and how you got there (new game or loaded game, skipped the tutorial, etc). If this occurs while the game screen is still visible, screenshots are appreciated.
Thank you for all of your support to date. Let us know what you think!

Scott Brodie
Lead Designer & Programmer
Heart Shaped Games
Founder, Lead Designer on Hero Generations
Hi, I've just activated my backer purchase through the Humble Store and I'm not able to find a beta key. All it says is that I'll be able to download the Base game + OST when available.

I backed at the Beta level, is there something that I'm missing? Big Grin
(10-18-2014, 11:43 PM)TeeGee Wrote: Hi, I've just activated my backer purchase through the Humble Store and I'm not able to find a beta key. All it says is that I'll be able to download the Base game + OST when available.

I backed at the Beta level, is there something that I'm missing? Big Grin

I was wondering the same thing. Is there something else we specifically have to do?
When you navigate to your library via the "My Library" at the top of, does Hero Generations appear in that list of products? It should appear, and there should be a download link next to the game. There should be platform choices (windows, mac, linux) at the top of the library page.

If the game is not there, then something went wrong on Humble's end, and I'll fix it immediately. Any screenshots of the process would be helpful. The game should be available for download now.
Founder, Lead Designer on Hero Generations
I'm having the same issue as previously explained. It looks like it's treating the game as unreleased so there is no download option.
This is what comes up when I click the Hero Generations link, no download link yet, just this, saying it'll be here when it's available.

[Image: herogenerations.jpg]

And this is where it's located, in my 'other purchases' section, not the download section, yet T-T

[Image: herogen2.jpg]
Heya Scott

Naw no Heroes Generation in the list. Just the link to the download page. All I can really take a screen cap of is the download page and the resend email.

The email is really just a list of the games with Heroes Generation in it.

But I'll attach this one if it helps.
Here is the page with Hero Generations link and the page of what it looks like after you click the link

Attached Files Image(s)
Okay, well this is a mess!! So sorry, I've contacted Humble and will get the game propped as soon as possible. The download pages for Kickstarter users are different than those who will purchase through our website, so they must not have propped the build for you. Not sure why they would do that Angry  For everyone else, besides the download page, here is where you should be able to find the game when it is made available:

If you navigate to your account menu in the top right corner, just go to My Library. Hero Generations will show up in the list:

[Image: okcfFji.png]
Founder, Lead Designer on Hero Generations
Thank you for replying so fast :3 Can't wait till it's available to be downloaded Big Grin Hope the problem is sorted soon. I bet you just want your digital baby to be ready Smile Probably stressful knowing there are issues D:

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