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I can't figure out how to utilize the one save slot we've been allotted in the Beta. What am I missing?
What do you mean with utilizing? If you close the game and start it again, you can choose Load game to start your previous play-session. Saving is automatic, so you can't control, when it saves. If your game don't saves, it may be a problem with your Operating System? What are you using (Windows, MacOSX, Linux)?
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Oh, I didn't know it was auto-save.

In the release notes it said they added one save slot, but I didn't see it specified that it was auto. I was looking for it in the UI.

I'm on OSX.
With OSX it can be that there are problems with saving as stated here:

In Windows it is working so far I can say. In Mac it won't work with me ^^
Angel  I'm so excited  Angel

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