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Spam Bots
There are a lot of posts from spam bots in this forum. There isn't a forum specific thread so I posted here. I don't remember if you need to activate your account via email, but if you don't it's an easy way to stop it. Also delete those accounts and posts.
Hi Smile

I'm looking very frequently through all the forums to get rid of the spam bots on a fast way.
At the moment I have only the Hero Generations Forums in an abo, so I get an E-Mail, when a Spam Bot writes.

In fact the Registration need the following:
1. A re-Captcha
2. A Security Question
3. E-Mail Validation (Otherwise it's impossible to write new posts)

The problem seems to be, that there are either very intelligent bots or even "bot-networks", where people get money for doing such spam posts with advertisments for such things.

But I'll try also in future my best to delete and purge these spammers as soon as I see them.

Hope that helped a bit and got rid a bit of some worrys.

Kind Regards,

Edit: If you see some suspicious threads you also can report them (also users who p.e. have spam links in their profile (these links will then be removed Wink ))
Angel  I'm so excited  Angel
Meanwhile, I do it the old fashioned way, looking through every post.....
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I dare you to say my name properly!
Me too Impron, though lately I've been finding the 'Report' button failing to work...
It works, in fact you're the only person I've actually received reports from Tongue. I generally try & delete all the posts within a day at the most. Big Grin
Self proclaimed Highlord of Highgrounds

I dare you to say my name properly!
Oh, cool. In that case I may have accidentally Reported you when I was writing that. Sorry, was just testing to see if it was still doing that. There's no visual response when I click the button, is what I mean.

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