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v1.18 Update now available!
Hello! I've got another great set of updates to Hero Generations to share. this update is v1.18, and you can trigger the new version download by restarting steam. (DRM Free downloads should be available in a few hours once Humble props the build) 

Change List

  1. Major display bug where the screen would go white and show broken graphics is now fixed (was due to graphic textures running out of space). Was mostly a problem in 1080p. 

  2. Station Building revamp: Stations now offer a "back" button that lets you return to destroy/upgrade it. you can also destroy/upgrade non "linked" stations as well. 

  3. Station bug 1: crash when transitioning to other worlds due to broken station links now fixed. Existing saves with this issue should work. 

  4. Station bug 2: Stations now properly unlink themselves when destroyed, and destroy associated tickets when linked or destroyed (note: rare situations allow tickets to stick around but should not be game breaking) 

  5. Station bug 3: fixed save/load/travel situations that improperly showed building buttons. 

  6. Traits Full pop-up now properly displays the description of a newly learned trait. 

  7. Fixed bug where the hover arrow used for keyboard controls would appear visible in the wrong situations. 

  8. A variety of other minor fixes.

I'm continuing to work down the feature request / bug list, and we're thankfully getting close to tackling the remaining big things. Thanks to everyone that took the time to report a bug and submit their save game files, it was very helpful in fixing the above bugs! 

Take care, 
Scott Brodie 
Lead Designer, Programmer 
Heart Shaped Games

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Founder, Lead Designer on Hero Generations

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