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The After-Gem Match
This is a tip I've been using the last couple weeks or so, and I decided it was worth putting here. It used to be more well-known back when daily matches first came out, but it seems like it's been lost to time.

After I get my 60 multiplayer gems, I play one more match and let the other guy win. It's a simple but powerful tip for making this game more fun and sustainable in the long run. I call it the After-Gem Match (because the "Let the Other Guy Win because I Already Have All of my Gems Match" name was trademarked  Wink ).

Here are some advantages of the After-Gem Match:
-It lets newer, less experienced players and players with access to fewer units earn more gems.
-This means more players continuing to play, buying more gems to support the game, and becoming more challenging and fun opponents for the more elite players.
-It gives players done with getting their daily gems a chance to relax, test out more creative decks, and just goof off.

Like this tip? Have tips on using this tip? Then post a comment!
And thank you, Brymo, for giving me the tip that I should post this tip.
I like saying tip.  Big Grin
Icicle: But the daily maximum gems that one can get is 70! Sad

10 from solo+ 20 of 8,000 points + 20 of 12,000 points + 20 of special city= 70 gems per day

But any ways, yea that is true, that is a very good tip sir : )


Ups! XD I did not see that you say "After your 60 multiplayer gems..." So yea, it is only 60 gems, not including the 10 from solo, my bad : P
Of course there's the disadvantage that it's dishonest. Also, I think you misunderstand what the word 'tip' means. I appreciate that it's a generous notion, but fundamentally disagree with throwing games for any other reason then the match being a lost cause in their favour.

Perhaps just test an unorthodox deck upon achieving your daily quota? That's a win-win, as testing vs AI's is fairly ineffective for tweaking a deck.
I'd rather lose than be "given" a game. Let me earn what I get. Smile

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