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Items for the Alter
Has anyone else been experimenting with what items to put on the alter? Mine accepted two babies, but wouldn't take any more. It also wouldn't accept flowers, relics, or wooden swords. An apparent bug is making things much more difficult, unfortunately. I left a pair of babies in the volcano area when they were rejected as offerings, but whenever I'm hit by lightning and sometimes just when entering the cave, whatever is in my hands is instantly replaced with the babies. Very frustrating. :/

Any ideas what other items to try? I'll keep trying different things. I'm going for keys next.

EDIT: keys didn't work, small gifts either.

EDIT: On a new playthrough, it doesn't seem to be accepting babies either. Perhaps it has to be in a specific order? Or maybe what the alter wants is randomized. I'll keep experimenting.

EDIT: Further evidence that the correct offering is randomized: Certain items it will allow you to attempt to offer even if it rejects them, such as babies, and I think relics and swords. Others it won't even show the button for, such as flowers and keys. Babies are still the only thing I've seen it accept.
There were some bugs with the alters, but I've just fixed those bugs in the just-released v1.17 build. Sorry for the extra frustration in figuring out this puzzle, but you may want to retry some of the items you already went through to see if they work now.
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