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Have I hit the pay wall?
I am really struggling in the SinglePlayer campaign. I have tried to beat the Jacen boss (Act 3) many times with multiple different builds but to no avail. At this point I do not have sufficient units for a wood or crystal army and insufficient power amongst my gold units to overpower Jacen's units in the late game. Once the opponent has 4 bolt all my units bar Oakleys are negated. I tried a fast aggressive build but with only 1 copy of Ramm and 1 copy of Remi I was unable to deal lethal before they got their Bolt & high power units out.

It's an infuriating army to play against as they do nothing but farm leaving them defenseless for a good few turns until they suddenly turn the tables - often with a Jacen unit. Front-line wounders increase their bolt count with no extra power on my side while arrows are nullified once they bring out their powerful front-line over the course of 1-2 turns :/ . Bolt dodges defence so the only strategies I can come up with are rushing or overpowering - neither of which I have the units for.

I have bought 1 booster and 2 mini boosters but got mostly useless crystal stuff.

Any advice? Or am I just being pushed to buy the 'Starter Bundle'?

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Remove Kaite, Morgart and Jolien and put Jonas in. I don't really remember the deck you have to face, but you can make a strong economy, with 2 Brans wounding his back row, so he can bring units that fast and then try with 3 or max 4 units on front row for damage. Two Oakleys and one or two Stags can produce up to 20-24 damage. If you can bring them fast enough you will win. Also what commander to you have?

The less units you have in front row the less damage your enemy has, because of bolt's nature.
See this is why I say that I miss the old booster packs, zig13 could have bought only gold booster packs and get some good rares gold units, since he is not ready for a wood and crystal units.

About your struggle with the campaign, I don't remember much about it (and they may have change the A.I or the units the computer have) but I remember that I did face some hard games too, but normally I did not change my deck much and was able to still win the match, but again they may have change many things so it could be harder, not sure. I say try Catalyst suggestion, it sounds good. : )
You can put in Tydus too if you're desperate for more attack. But yeah, Catalyt's suggestion sounds good.

If you could show us all your units that would probably help too.
Fear my mediocrity!
Thanks for the advice guys. I altered my army as per instructions and fought Jacen again. I felt the changes were overall good but I missed the healing - my attackers got fireballed twice. Screenshots of turns 5-10 can be found in this Imgur gallery as well as all the units I have access to.

I still failed to enough damage before they developed an overwhelming force. I think if I can position a Stag infront of Branan I can create a deadlock but it is impossible for me to out-damage them. If I drop to two Oakleys to nerf their Bolt units, they will just bring out more of their high damage units.

Edit: I tried yet again and managed to scrape a victory by sacrificing wounded units, placing units better and more importantly the opponent doing stupid things Tongue. Onto Act 4!
To counter the fireball put Jolien in again. Also Gerren can help with that too. In the last picture you make 23 damage and the enemy makes 25. If you remove one Stag you make 19 but the enemy makes now 20. That's one less. With only the two Oakleys you make 15, but guess what, the enemy makes now only 15. That's a tie! The AI makes pour choices sometimes and it will eventually put something in the back row. You wound it with arrow and you win the game.
(04-16-2015, 12:21 PM)Catalyst Wrote: The AI makes pour choices sometimes and it will eventually put something in the back row. You wound it with arrow and you win the game.
That's largely what happened. I had 2 Oakley and 2 Stags on my front row and despite having the capability to overpower me, the ai moved high power units to the back. I was also smarter with 3 attack 3 defense guy and managed to use him effectively in addition to the 2Oak/2Stag.

Unfortunately the unlocked unit from that match was a crystal one :/
Hey man Congrats, hope that you can finish the campaign soon and meat you in the battle field one day ^______^

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