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Tips to make progress and have fun.
So, i've been playing for a long while now since release, and i seem to be stuck in this loop where i manage to do some cool things, kill a few bosses at most, and then i die. I've unlocked about half of the avaliable town types, and can't seem to figure out more combos on my own. Is anyone having a similar problem? Do you have some helpful tips/tricks? Please, do share!
There are a few things I have noticed.

Longevity is not as important as strength.
   Don't head for corners of the map if you are not strong enough to kill everything.(I got trapped once and died LOL)
   Multiple enemy's on one tile is fantastic if you are strong enough.(I have noticed that it does not take more than one life)

In the starting area I build up two different towns.
   One has one blacksmith and three circus'.
   The other has one blacksmith and three strongholds.(blacksmith so you don't have to carry around a hammer all the time)
   I keep my hero's in this area until I can get a STR of at least 160. Should only take 10 Gen's.
   Then I start exploring other areas.(don't leave the area if you have less than 35 years left)
   Once I find the swamp I repeat what I did in the beginning because of the cauldrons you can beef your hero's up to 200+ STR pretty easy.
   Be sure to get back to one of your circus towns before your life runs out.(18 out of 20 parenting card flips)

Items and traits are mostly personal preference.
    The sun shield and a sword of some kind work really well together.

Doing this I get up to Gen 22 on average and have two or more hero's break 25k fame.
    Granted I have only been playing for 2 days, and there are better way I am sure but it seems to work pretty good so far.
    I will update when I find other things. I hope this helps.

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