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Lag spikes that get worse the longer you play
I mentioned this briefly in a response to another post- but since I don't see it anywhere else on this forum I thought I'd make a full thread. (Maybe there's something weird I'm doing that nobody else is getting?)

The longer I play the game, the more noticeable lag becomes. I have a reasonably fast computer (2.3 GHz i7, 8 GB RAM, SSD, GeForce GT 650M), so I don't think it's just a case of insufficient specs. (But in the name of specs, I'm also on a Mac. Just FYI.)

There's a spike of lag after every move. It often happens mid-animation (the menu on the bottom popping up, the red squares animating in to show where you can move, the text popups for "+n gold", or "inventory full" or whatever, etc...).

It's to the point where I can't continue to play the game until this problem is addressed. It just takes to long to do anything. (Also, it would be nice if you could hit a button to skip animations, notifications, transitions, etc. If it took like a half second tops between deciding your move and being able to input your next move, that would make things so much more fluid. but that's a feature request. Right now there's a half second lag on top of all the animations...)

I don't mean to come off as super critical. I love what I've been able to experience of the game so far, and it's hella impressive you have all been able to pull off what you have in such a small period of time! Looking forward to future updates that might mitigate this issue.

Thanks for listening!
This is a known issue on my end - the larger the game save file gets from exploring the world, the longer it takes to complete the auto-save every turn. I'm going to look into optimizing it once some higher priority fixes are addressed. Thanks for the report.
Founder, Lead Designer on Hero Generations

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