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[1.14] Freeze on save load
Hi. I just started playing the steam version of this game, and I'm having an issue loading my current save. With my previous hero, I created a road between worlds with the station. I tried to follow it with my next hero, got to the screen with the arrows, clicked the righthand one, and the game hard-crashed on the initial load. When I tried to load it after force quitting the game, It just freezes on the loading screen. (I can start up the game application fine. I haven't tried to overwrite my save, because I'd love to keep playing this save (though I suppose I could back it up, if I could find it).

I'm on a mid-2011 Macbook Air running OSX 10.10.2. Game version is 1.14 - and I got it through Steam. I can't find where the save file is on my Mac, if you let me know where I'll happily attach it so you can try to diagnose the problem.



I did find the attached file (HGSAVE.sol - which i've tarred and gzipped to get around the attachment file type restrictions) buried deep in the Library file chain. Maybe this is it?

Ok it didn't actually attach the file. Let me know what I should do with it.

Also having looked in the .sol file, that's my previous save (the one I did the tutorial with) not my current save.
Hi! If you follow this handy guide (, you can find your steam save files and send them to me (or just post them attached to this thread). I can then run it through my debugger and see what's up.

If attachments aren't working, you can email them to me at

In the meantime, you can save your save files elsewhere / delete them, and then the game should work again.
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Ok! Here's the files.

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 14.12 KB / Downloads: 2)
Thank you for the files. Any idea if one or more of these stations had been around for a long time? There is a known bug I am fixing now where stations that deteriorate don't unlink themselves properly.

The other possibility is that station links are being messed up when swapping between worlds. Thanks for the save files, I'm using them to debug.
Founder, Lead Designer on Hero Generations
Nope, I built both the stations myself, about 150 - 100 years prior to the moment where the game was saved. (don't quite remember the exact timescale).
Hi! I've just released a fix build that should resolve this. Take a look here, make sure to grab v1.15 from steam, and let me know if you still have problems:
Founder, Lead Designer on Hero Generations
Fixed! Though my station is gone, but i'm not so worried about that - I'm glad I get to play my hero again!

I'm very impressed with the speed of your turnaround and your responsiveness. You guys rock!
wonderful, glad to hear it's fixed.
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