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Seeking Balance Feedback on All Units
Now that we've had a little time to play with the new units and new game changes, I'd like to solicit your thoughts on how the balance of units looks. Primarily the new expansion units, but also any existing units that may have had their power increased/decreased due to the presence of the new characters.

I'll take note and try to integrate the feedback into a future update patch. Thanks!
Founder, Lead Designer on Hero Generations
Eezil is way too over power XD
I think that he should at least cost like 10 crystals? I mean you can do so dirty decks with him... I still need to find a way to beat that deck : /
First, I want to say that I like the new Snipe ability. It adds more depth to the strategy and makes Paladin more useful.

There's two units I think should be looked at for buffing/nerfing, though:

1. Mirault. This unit is now the basis of TWO overpowered deck strategies: bloodrage and reanimate. Mirault is just too good a sacrificial unit. Either how bloodrage and reanimate work need to both be nerfed (I'd prefer not to change the abilities themselves), or Mirault needs some serious changes. I suggest making him cost 3 crystal, removing his dormant, and buffing his front and back row abilities. Maybe give him 5 attack in the front - he'd act more like a "vampire fighter," like Dalint.

2. Domino. He technically got updated (now he's a Mountain Thief), but this isn't enough to make him worth putting in any deck (let alone a competitive one). 1 wound for 3 gold by itself just isn't useful enough. To me, 1 wound is only really useful if you already have an abundance of units (so basically, Squint in a fox deck is the only one who I think is effective).
I came across an idea once in a suggestion thread a long time ago, and I'll repeat it here: try adding 1 gold to Domino's front. This would make him much more useful: he could produce a little while attacking front row producers or rush units. Combined with Jeremiah with his 1 gold, 2 rampage, and 1 windfall, this could make for some very interesting early mountain deck strategies.
Thanks for the feedback!
Founder, Lead Designer on Hero Generations
I concur with the Eezic recommendation. It needs to be nerfed.

Here's what makes it so overpowered. The transform actually happens before the round starts. That's crazy. So I can bring out two Jimeins, have them attack, then sell them.

Eezic should be limited to one transform per turn, or if it's two transforms it needs to happen after the front row has finished attacking.

Under the current conditions it's theoretically possible to have two Jimeins attack in Turn 3.

T1: Loom or Rorth or Mana
T2: Ghasphar x 2
T3: Eezic and Mirault x 2
honeybunny, thank you for explaining that, I have not spent a lot of time specifically with Eezic decks, that makes sense.
Founder, Lead Designer on Hero Generations
Hey Honeybunny, by any chance do you know any way to counter an Eezic deck? I mean I have even try a full wound deck and it is still too slow to stop the snowball that Eezic can make. I my self have an Eezic deck and I have manage to win games where I'm about to lose (like 18 to 1) and just because I was able to pull out Eezic I win the match, which to me sounds pretty unfair.
Hey, Sacrebleu here. I have an opinion on a multitude of units.

Lans: For an ultra rare, he is really underwhelming. He is essentially a buffed Domino, but even then he is still lackluster. To help give him a unique identity, why not give him 1 Reaper, THEN 1 arrow in the back, with 1 Knockout, THEN 1 wound in the front? He would play more like an assassin, in which he picks a target by initially wounding them, then having the ability to remove them. He would still fall off in the late game, but his early game presence would be buffed to the point of him being viable. To compensate, he might need to cost 4.

Xane: The buffs to his cost, while nice, ultimately did next to nothing for him. He is such a unique character, but his crummy front row invalidates any reason for you to use him. If his costs were increased and he was changed to 2 bolt, 2 spearhead, then he would become a viable unit with a unique style to defeat him.

Noch: There is absolutely no reason to pick Noch if you own an Uvil, simply because Uvil can produce in the back row. Noch is a one trick pony, which is ok, but he is literally a useless unit in your deck if your opponent isn't running any sort of front row wound. This can simply be changed by having him produce in the back row, much like Uvil. Maybe change his back row to 2 wood, 1 defense?

Kemp: This has been a problematic unit for awhile. He is simply too oppressive against gold/wood. The problem is that he can shut down your entire economy on T2, and can do so relatively easily. If you increase his cost to 5, while this wouldn't completely nullify this fear, would drastically decrease the chances that it occurs.

Avon: I have played with Raiders from time to time, and they are simply too weak to be of any use against wood/gold. They are close, but they simply don't deal enough damage. This can be fixed by changing Avon to a 2 raid king unit, and changing his raid type to something like "Blitz captain," or something else like that. There power wouldn't be completely oppressive, but it would increase their potential damage by 18. They are good about shutting down your opponent, but they lack any finishing abilities to complete the job. Add on to the fact that a few of their units are hybrid, and you are met with a slow shut down deck, which didn't exist before for a reason.

Eezic: Surprise! I know this is a shock to everyone, but Eezic is "secretly" really strong as of the moment. The problem is Mirault, but nerfing Mirault has the potential to knock blood rage decks out of viability. My suggestion to Eezic is to change his reanimate to change only the unit below him, and not above. He would still be strong just because of his ability to create units at a relatively fast rate, but it isn't completely overbearing.
How about we change mirault to be a 2 cost unit, that you actually want healed?
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Blood Rage decks are overpowered as well, so some sort of modification would be nice.

Just one thing to point out is that a 2 cost Mirault would work better in Shadow Pylon decks. Not sure yet if that's a problem or not.

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