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Beta v1.0 strategy -- Kill Bosses
Hi all, this is only after about 4 hours in and things are bound to change, but I thought I would share my current strategy:

I aim to increase the red "strength" number as my goal is to try and kill all the bosses -- there are probably other ways to have fun. The reason I focused on the strength number is that if you have a strength of 40 without items vs a boss of 80, you do not have a 50% chance of winning but rather a 25% chance. If you have a strength of 20, you have a 12.5% chance, not a 25% chance.

It's nice to be able to get two "StrGene" or "Warrior" parents together and build up the red number, but after a few hours, this felt really frustrating. I would see my strength go up a couple of times, but due to the card/trait mechanic, I could not consistently get it above 40-50. And that's during a relatively limited "adult" window.

I also tried armories for a while but frankly did not work out that well. They decay relatively quickly, and you have to constantly be moving among them to pick up the benefits. (Of course, there are hammers to combat decay or Builder trait, but it didn't feel fun). Plus, I was concentrating so much on the armories that I wasn't getting enough fame to mate well. Maybe this could work depending on how the cities are laid out.

What I realized after a while is that weapons are the key, for three reasons:

  1. Right now, items pass down without randomness; they just go from your parent's inventory to your own. This allows for investment.
  2. Weapons add strength to your early life, letting you move around more freely to get prepared for the bosses.
  3. Weapons strength rolls are separate from your main strength roll. At first I thought this was important as it reduces the variation in your own rolls, but using rumkin's die roll stats: it doesn't make as big a difference as I thought. You can see for yourself -- e.g "1d40 - 1d80" gives the histogram of winning if you had 40 strength against an 80 strength. If the 1d40 is instead 2d20, it barely changes the probability of winning. There may be other cases where this helps more.

Most enemy minions die from one hit (have a timer less than 5), making the bombs of questionable value.

Anyways I am still trying things out but curious to see how others are confronting the bosses!

Edit: Based on this post here:

It seems perhaps I discounted armories too quickly -- I have yet to see if the item strategy pays off, but perhaps the armories done right has a much higher potential cap for strength.
Weapons passing down doesnt really matter at this point, since you can just leave them on the ground and pick them up next lifetime.
Im sure this will change soon, since it leads to some very silly things, like having 6 squares next to a town each having their own item on it. hehe.
I easily get to 150+ attack through upgraded armories (stronghold) as soon as I can build them (gen 7 I think), they have a life span of around 300ish years, so there is no more worrying about decaying too quickly. I always keep an iron hammer with me and put either a dmg multiplier item or a shield in the second slot and didn't really have much trouble with the bosses yet (I think the furthest I got was about gen 20 before the game crashed and killed my save file) - I usually turtle the first 5 gens, build up 2-3 cities (priority on ATK/DMG, bit of gold & districts that will get upgraded to taverns asap), get children early until I've unlocked some more stuff and then I head off on my adventures. Works quite well for me so far. Now if the game would just stop killing my save files... ;__;

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