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Framerate, Performance, and Loading Troubleshooting Guide
If you are experiencing a slow framerate, long loading times, or other issues that affect your ability to play the game, have no fear! This guide will step you through a number of things you can do that will likely fix your problem. While Highgrounds runs well across most all systems, there are certain variations of Browsers, Operating Systems, Graphics Card, etc that may make the game more susceptible to slow downs.

Speed Tips:

1. Turn off Special Effects in the Options Menu: From the Main Menu/Base Camp screen, click the “Gear” Icon in the upper right hand corner to access the options menu. Then navigate to the 2nd page of options, and find the “SPECIAL EFFECTS” entry. Turning this to off will turn off many in game animations, including attack effects, water waves, torches, etc. Turning off these animations are the #1 cause of slowdown for most users.
2. For Chrome users, turn off “Pepper Flash” player: Chrome can sometimes use a custom version of the flash player that doesn’t always play nice with Highgrounds. Here is how you can disable it, and see if it improves your performance:

1. Type “chrome://plugins” into your address bar and press Enter
2. Now scroll down until you find Adobe Flash Player
3. Next to the Plugins heading, you should see a small button that reads “+Details”. Click that to reveal some additional details about your flash player.
4. In your list, there should be a plugin called PepperFlashPlayer.plugin, or an entry that mentions Pepper Flash in it’s location. The name of the entry will be titled “Shockwave Flash”
5. Click the “Disable” link associated with this entry. (Note: you do not want to disable the entire plugin, just this sub-entry. Otherwise no flash content will play in the browser)
6. Close this tab, reload your browser, then navigate to play Highgrounds, and see if you notice any improvements.

3. Set Animation Speed to MAX setting: From the Main Menu/Base Camp screen, click the “Gear” Icon in the upper right hand corner to access the options menu. Then navigate to the 1st page of options, and find the “ANIMATION SPEED” entry. Setting this to MAX will skip a number of sequences in how combat resolves, and will make each turn execute much faster. Beware though, we only recommend this for advanced users who have an understanding of how most abilities in the game work!
4. Make sure no other flash applications are running at the same time: Our game can slow down considerably when another instance of Highgrounds, or any other flash game is running in the background. As well, it is generally helpful to reduce the amount of memory being used on the system, so closing any unnecessary background programs can also help improve the framerate of Highgrounds.

Other General Tips:

1. Try a different browser: We recommend playing in Chrome, but for some users Fire Fox may run better. While Internet Explorer works well for some users, we don’t recommend it because it can introduce black screen/glitched graphical issues.

2. Refresh the browser: Many server loading or graphical issues can be simply fixed by refreshing your browser. This will reload the game, and give it a chance to reset the local data and connection to our servers.
3. Ensure you have the latest Flash Player installed: For each browser that you play in, visit to verify you have the latest Flash plugin version installed.
4. Check the strength of your internet connection: Sometimes, slow load times are not a game or server issue, but a problem with the speed of your own internet connection. Make sure you have internet connectivity, and make sure your network isn’t impeded by firewalls.
5. Check your power settings: If you are on a laptop, sometimes your power settings will decrease CPU usage (thus slowing down the computer) when your laptop is not plugged in.
6. Close unused programs: Running too many programs concurrently can slow down computer performance.
7. Check for “Memory Leaks”: Memory leaks (what happens when a program doesn’t clean up nicely after itself) from any program can slow down the computer. Rebooting the computer lets you start fresh, so try rebooting the computer and see if the problem persists.

As we discover more ways to improve the speed of the game, we will update this guide. If you are still having speed issues, please let us know in this forum, or by contacting us at with as much information about your system as possible.
Founder, Lead Designer on Hero Generations
Actually, because of lag in other games, I had already tried disabling pepperflash but then I get a white screen ¿help? I still have problems while last movements against good players (moving all chars * slow thinking per move = not enough time for my strategy = risking between time forfeit or disadvantage :/ )

Other tip for flash games in chrome: install FRQc (Flash Render Quality changer) or similar and, at least on flash games, put quality to Low.

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