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Trolls: Competitive 1-Type-Only Deck?
With Nalz added to the list of units, there are 7 trolls in the game. I think this means trolls may be the first ever type you can make a potentially decent deck exclusively out of (Knights and spirits don't count. Ramm isn't good enough of a producer, and "soul slayer" is not a spirit). So, I thought I'd make a fun thread about it.

You're making a 14-15 unit deck, and EVERY unit in it is a troll. 2x Harden, 2x Grom, 2x Midras, 2x Vago, 2x Payne, 2x Nalz, 2x Barion (or 1, if you don't have 2), and your commander can be included if he's a troll type.

What commander would you make to make this crazy 1-type-only deck as competitive as you could?

I'll start off with my idea:

Commander Troll, 29G
Front: 21 atk, 3 wound
Back: 4 arrow, 2 heal

In a deck with only trolls, the one thing you have plenty of is gold production. With 2 Barions, 2 Vagos, and 3 Hardens/Midrases/Groms, you can produce 30G maximum without selling anyone. But this deck lacks real power (besides Barion and maybe Payne). So I came up with a commander with ridiculous stats to help turn this around.

So you'd have 5 wounders (Commander, 2x Barion, 2x Payne), 3 healers (Commander, 2x Payne), 5 decent attackers (Commander, 2x Barion, 2x Midras) (I find Vago's toxic untrustworthy), 4 front row defenders (2x Harden, 2x Grom), and 2 back row defenders (2x Midras).

So, who else has commander idea for this crazy trolls-only deck?

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