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Highgrounds 2.0 Update is live!
If it's of any help, according to my crafting, among the 30 new units there are...
Cs = 12
UCs = 7
R -= 5 (at least, Faze, Canin, Crow, Avon & Gorton)
UR -= 2 (at least, Eezic & Lanir)
Ls -=1 (at least, Slaen, but Scott already mentioned a bigger number here)

unknown ones, 3
There are two other Legendary cards (Delve & Zik, both for the wood faction)
Founder, Lead Designer on Hero Generations
New Abilities:
-X Elemental (produces X of every resource)
-X Snipe (at batlle start, wounds top unit of front enemy row X times)
-X liege (adjacent units gain +X att)
-X Fortify (adjacent units gain +X def)
-X Growth (produces X wood for army, x2 if no opponent across)
-X Raidking (generates X att per raider in army)
-X Undercut (wounds diagonally towards enemy and lower spot, can wound back row)
-Reanimate (at battle start, adjacent wounded units are replaced for next/s skeleton/s in deck costing 15 or less)
-X Wispking (all wisp producing this turn gain +1)
There is also Undercut (front row - wounds diagonally, starting with the spot below on the front row)
Founder, Lead Designer on Hero Generations
I don't why I feel that this expansion just have push me back to a lower rank in the game, I think that the reason is that expert had safe up gems, since they had most of the units, in the other hand I was still struggling to reach to there level by buying new units and all that, now that they have the new units I feel that the old units are trying to keep up with the new strategist, but of course, one can't do that without getting the new units, and that is exactly what make me feel that my decks are outdated (sounds so unfair, but I'm pretty sure that I'm over reacting)

So yea, I love the expansion, no question, but it just feel like the gap between expert and veteran just got a lot wider, to the point that, well at least me, feel pretty discouraged.
I got a legendary: Zik! I bought three packs. It definitely felt like I was crafting "up a list" when I was crafting my commons, constantly getting the same one up to two, but that dithered out in the Uncommons.

Toorico: I think you are over-reacting. Wink It just gives players a few more strategic options, some better suited for hybrid decks. There is a small advantage to veterans because of that, but... shouldn't we have a small advantage, for playing so long?
I know, it just that players that I sue to have even a little chance to win (like really lucky) now seen almost impossible to beat, but yea you are right about that XD
Bug! With my first game, too. :/

[Image: forfeit_lose.PNG]

I had 1 health and my opponent 15, but I was going to win. He forfeited and instead of me winning, it considered him the winner. You can look up the game: vael victus - leopard, about 22:00 EST. You can see on the timer that I didn't autoforfeit. (nor would I forfeit)
So I have now opened 4 ultra rares from the invasion expansion and every single one of them was a

Make that now 5 Lanirs, 0 of all other invasion ultra rares combined. I figured out the problem, there are Eezic and Lanir are the only two ultra rares there are. I suppose that makes it a 1 out of 16 chance to open 5 in a row.

Ok the 6 and 9th ultra rare were eezic. It is a bit annoying to have 7 lanir's now.

Hmm that is funny, 7 lanir's (ultra rare) but only 1 carth (common).
Well, if we get any more random units added the same way that the Commander pack got some new units added, maybe we'll get a few additional Ultra Rares for the pack.

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