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Just a DREAM... yes, just a dream....
So! today I wake up, had some free time before going to college, so I got in to my laptop and started to play some High Ground, you know just to burn time and all that, and for some reason.... a weir feeling of eagerness and excited me hit me while playing High Ground.... I really wish this game could get more love and more updates, you know, turn in to something "Real" because lets face it, as the game stand, it is more of a "forgotten" or "abandon" project. So for some reason I ask my self: "If I could become the owner of the game, what will I do with this game?" Of course I know, that it is easier say than done, I don't have the right to say that I could be a "better" dev. than the ones at the moment. So here is just me rambling about "what will I do if I were the Dev. of Hight Ground"

1# FIX BUGS!!!!  LOL  ....... ok we all would do that.....

2# Implement base building in-game! So you could go to your own small plot of land, and put your base! You can buy building and decorative things just to make it cooler! This will add a more in game feeling, were you can truly feel like you land it in to this island and start it your own war camp, I mean, that is the plot of the game right? you came here to become the king of High Ground, you need a base where to stay. Plus this give the chance of adding some items that are cool, but you can only get them with real money (that is a plus for the Dev.) and the real loyal players will agree to, you know, show their support with this.

3# Add the ability to custom the look of your command! So come on! it is like doing your own Avatar! your commander represent the heart of your army, he is the one that change the tables in the battle field and he is the reason that your army is different and unique. And to add up to this, there should be a small music or effect when someone hire his commander! think about it: you hire your commander and at battle start, a small cut scene happen and the game announce that someones commander have arrive! and then an epic music play and the commander come in to battle with a crushing effect (like the ground shake or something like that) . To add up to this, the dev. could sell cloth for the commander, sell different effects for when your commander enter in to battle and things like that (all that to add more reason to spend money on High Ground = support to the game)

Well this is just a small part of what I thought... so my question is: Will you really spend some money if the game were to really turn like this? Oh and may be a re-make of the look of the game? like better graphics and all that, more music and effects?
As you stated, fixing bugs should be the number one priority for Highgrounds given its current state of disrepair. I agree strongly with you: this game has tremendous potential! Highgrounds is like a beautiful home that was constructed during the housing bubble, but then abandoned and left to slowly decay. THIS PROJECT JUST NEEDS A LITTLE TLC!!! There are still dozens of players who are passionate for this game. The developers need to acknowledge this fact, and give this game the attention it deserves. I understand their focus has shifted, but if this neglect continues much longer, then it could ultimately harm Heart Shaped's reputation. I have praised Heart Shaped in the past for their excellent customer service. It would be very unfortunate if they developed a reputation for abandoning projects. My suggestion is that the developers dedicate just 10% of their efforts to maintaining and building out Highgrounds. This would not have a large impact on Generations, yet it would do wonders for boosting the quality of Highgrounds and renewing our faith in Heart Shaped as a company that appreciates its user base, and provides long-term support for its products.
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