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Attention: New Players
As of late I've encountered a few new players who were struggling to get off the ground. So, I want to post a few words of encouragement. First off, I want to say we've ALL been there. Keep in mind that none of us started out with badass armies. We all had to build them up over time. Which is the whole point of card collecting (and leveling) games.

Regarding the imbalance between new and veteran players: The most effective way to balance the game would be to make all cards available to all players. But, then it would not be a card collecting game anymore. And, collecting cards is what makes games like Highgrounds so addictive. It also makes the game much more interesting to play, because everyone has different cards to select from, so you never know what you will encounter in the next match. And, building an impressive card collection over time is essentially our reward for being loyal players.

Regarding fairness: Highgrounds is fair in so much as every player starts their account with the same cards. So, we all have to build up from the same starting position. None of us started out with a leg up on the competition. Some players play casually. Some players are more dedicated and grind for gems everyday. Some players purchase gems as a means of fast tracking -- which financially supports the game.

My advice to newbies is to enjoy the card collecting process. The one upside to having a small card collection is that you have so much room for growth. Every new expansion pack has the potential to unlock new tactics for you! As a veteran player I often acquire entire expansion packs full of duplicate cards that are of no use to me. So, enjoy the "growing" process while you can.

Veteran players should by all rights have an advantage over newbies. That is the case in most all card collecting (and leveling) games. As it should be. So, don't be discouraged if you're still in the early building stages. The Arena matches are tough at that level, but it will get easier as you build up your collection. Take pride in your victories, and try not to fret over your losses. See you on the battlefield!
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Sadly, I would support more for this game, IF, the dev. were a little bit more.... "Active". (I already help by buying the $5 gem pack) but to say the true, since it seen that this game is not growing any day soon, it is hard to really want to support this game. I know that the Dev. are busy with there other game "hero generation" and that High Grounds was more of a test and small project before moving to their real Big work, but I think that there is a lot of potential for this game and I think that people would really start supporting (with real money) if more work were to be put on.

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