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Doing cheat, so much fun...
yea so this guy with the user name of "boredom" is cheating.... and there is nothing we can do XD
How you ask? well, by getting a bligth and an era in T2? oh yea and he is promoting other web page by telling me on the chat to got to this "this" link. Thanks
since the development of this game is frozen, admin had banned a few hackers previously and call it a day. but now the link to those hacks already surfaced so we expect more and more hackers to spoil the fun. it's up to developers whether or not they want to fix this problem or abandon this game all together. if former is chosen, please fix the notorious snipe bug too
You might consider looking at it this way.
The game is substantially broken. Sure, you could block fillgame and continue blocking cheaters and stuff. But it won't change the fact that you should urgently update the game.
I have been using the described cheats for quite a while, with the mostly successful aim of hiding it.
There is no prevention of fighting against yourself obviously.
If you don't use the fillgame cheat in a too obvious way other players do not notice. If you encounter experienced players and do not want to be called a cheater you could just as well count the spent coins accordingly.

It is a habit of mine to explore games, and then explore their weak spots, and then move on, delete my accounts and go on living again.
Honestly, I would prefer to just delete my account.
Deleting however is not possible by game design. A major flaw if you ask me.

What I am doing right now is serving the community.
By mass flooding games while using fillgame and telling the partners of the cheat I try to raise awareness.
This might very well result in less money for the developers, as cheating becomes a possibility to circumvent the unit buying thing.
At some point the developers will have to react, probably by banning me.
Banning me however might not be enough.
I might return with a different account, I might keep telling other users to use the cheats...

Actually, if everybody did use it, it would kind of become a fairer game again... only that new users will not stand a chance against experienced, which kind of is the case right now anyway.
Honestly, the absurdity is, that often enough I still have a hard time, do not stand any chance. Yeah, because he is so bad you probably say now. Really?! How is it then that my overall maximal attack value is 53? Oh, that are just the units I have gathered and even with the hack I additionally need quite some luck for being able to get these units and keep them. I have played lots of players who had higher attack values in round 4 or 5... this game is just no fun for beginners... but keep thinking that you are all so good players... keep thinking the game is fair or something... keep thinking life is fair... after all, Trump seems to be successful this way.
LOL well yea, ok I do agree with the part that you say:

"What I am doing right now is serving the community.
By mass flooding games while using fillgame and telling the partners of the cheat I try to raise awareness."

But still, I have been playing this game for more than 2 years! and to say the true, is that even for beginners, there is a way up, I mean, I don't cheat and I can still win again so difficult matches.... ok the thing is that it is almost impossible to make a "card" strategy game fair, heck I even have hear of how in a way big mages like "Heart Stone" others games are not fare.... to make a game balance take time, and well sadly the DEV of this game clearly don't have.

Now I can't peacefully play the game, because some people like you are using the cheat code. The thing about beginners, is that there should be a totally separated pool for beginners user and veterans user, I mean, it is funny, I won again this player that had a level of 50, and he told me that "Good job on using money on this game and winning, so sad" the thing is that I haven't use even $1 for this game, all of my units have been bought with gems that I get daily event, so in a way, it have been hard work to get those good units to make a good deck, the question is, If you want to use your time for this game? I mean sure in a way I will say that it is not wort it (with how is so dead at the moment) but I keep playing it just because... I don't know, I like it?
i agree with toorico. i had been grinding for more than a year now to earn gems. we use our time to achieve what we have today in this game. if you want to get more units, there are 2 ways. it's either you invest your time in this game which we did or you can spend $ to get more gems. come on, heart shaped games is not a charity organisation. you do not want to invest time in this game, and do not want to spend $ on this game and yet you said this game is unfair? get over it. having said that, i will ask some beginner if he or she need game to grind gems. it they want it i will forfeit on purpose so that they get to earn some gems. i do not ask every beginner though. i will only ask if i see tenacity in that player. beside, if a player ask to help he or she to grind, i will be more than happy to help. heck, i am not even a veteran yet cause i still have a lot of unit missing from my collection
Using this cheat will not make the devs fix it. The devs do not have time to devote to this game nor will they ever. If giving the option of letting this game die due to cheating or fixing it, this game will definitely die do to cheating; there is no one to fix it no matter how big the problems are. If everybody used that bug it would not balance it between new and veteran players as veteran players still have bigger more expensive units and will still win, instead all it would do is take the strategy out of the game and make it solely about who has the biggest units.

If you think that by cheating it will bypass people buying units and the developers will be forced to fix it or risk losing $, then you do not know this game at all. The developers already don't make any $ on this game, hence why they will not be investing time to fix it.

I agree that there is a big problem for newer players being able to beat veterans, but that is how most games are purposely designed now a days. To give players an incentive to get more units and spend money on the game. I may not agree with it from a game play perspective but that is how it is designed in order to make money.

It would be very nice to have different brackets so new players do not get paired with veterans, but quite frankly we don't have the player numbers to even come close to supporting that, people would be waiting in queues for hours, perhaps days.

EDIT: apparently the word M O N E Y is censored here, how bizarre.
a fix for me personally would be an option to delete my own account. or alternatively a possibility not only to change the password but also the backup email address. this would enable me to block my access to the accounts.

probably i am ocd or something, but i am really having trouble to let go of things i spent too much time with without cutting every possibility of going back. i really want to let go of this game, but i cannot. in this sense my raising awareness is also a cry for help, for help letting go of this game.
May be, you could get an app or program that let you block an specificity web page? then put random letters as a code and get High Ground permanently block it? I don't know, that is just my opinion.
Regarding the imbalance between old and new players: The most effective way to balance the game would be to make all cards available to all players. But, then it would not be a card collecting game anymore. And, collecting cards is what makes games like this so addictive. It also makes it much more interesting because everyone has different cards to choose from, so you never know what you will encounter in the next match. And, building an impressive card collection over time is essentially our reward for being loyal players.

Regarding fairness: Highgrounds is fair in so much as every player starts their account with the same cards. So, we all have to build up from the same starting position. Some players will be more dedicated and grind for gems everyday. Some players will purchase gems as a means of fast tracking -- which is fine because that financially rewards the game's developers. After my first 6 months of playing Highgrounds, I wanted to financially support the game, so I contributed $15. [Though, at this point 95% of my cards were acquired through grinding.]

Veteran players should by all rights have an advantage over newbies. That is the case in most all card collecting (and leveling) games. As it should be.
Never argue with a hobgoblin. It'll just amuse him more.

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