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i am cheating.
with two accounts: boredom and olando
rather simple technique, play game simultaneously with both and let one win so much over and over again.
feel free to delete my accounts, as i cannot do it myself.

why can i not delete my accounts?

also a website provides a rather mean cheat. you should fix this, not block it, but fix the hack. it should not be possible in the first place if the game was well programmed.
if anyone wants to take a look:
user, pw boredom
user, pw orlando

in this forum: user, pw boredomA0
First, I appreciate you calling these issues out and bringing them to our attention. I can see your intention is to call out vulnerabilities or issues to attempt to help the game. In terms of using two accounts to boost stats, we have protections in place for most of the scenarios that impact our leaderboards. Namely, you can't log in with the same account on two devices, and direct invite games do not count on leaderboards. In addition, it is not ensured in the Live or Play-by-mail ranked queues you will be matched against your other account, so this is not a full proof or even efficient strategy (although it is more easily abused at times where there are low player populations). So we are comfortable with our implementation on that front.

Regarding any more direct hacks - Hero Generations has a small dedicated community at this point in its lifespan, and we are not currently in active development. It's not really worth anyone's time to hack the game other than out of morbid amusement, and to this point we have had great success working with our community to police any issues. You and others will just have to decide if you want want to waste your time making everyone elses lives a tiny bit harder, in a relatively small indie web game.

We will ban the accounts to comply with our policies, but we hope you consider playing the game without cheating and for fun in the future.
Founder, Lead Designer on Hero Generations
i appreciate your reply scott.
  • but nah, two accounts of course means that i will use a different browser/computer/website(like fillgame) for the second account. hence i did not have any trouble coupling up with myself in the past couple of days, except for times when literally someone else was already waiting. in that case even without the cheat from fillgame i can just have a losing player going first to check the pipeline and the winning player going second.
  • and nah, you should really allow your users to delete their own accounts. i am very persistent in nature, and chances are i will come back to be a pain in the ass for other players. if i was able to delete my account chances are i would do just that.
could you please go on and ban my accounts? i would honestly prefer a delete, but ban is fine for me as well. as of right now both, olando and boredom are still accessible.

HONESTLY: what does a player have to do to be rightfully deleted upon request?
(02-02-2017, 03:34 PM)boredom Wrote: HONESTLY: what does a player have to do to be rightfully deleted upon request?

What you need to do is to play a game that is still supported. This game is unsupported and there will be no future changes to it no matter how much any of us wish there were, especially something as trivial as account deletion. If you want your account deleted, then pay them to make it worth their time to support this game. They make nothing off this game.

Your complaint is about as ridiculous as complaining about problems with a 1980's DOS game whose company has gone out of business.

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