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Hero Generations: ReGen Roadmap
Hi everyone!

I wanted to share our roadmap for updates to Hero Generations. We've already released our first update which was focused on addressing the few critical bugs from launch, and clarifying some points of confusion with the end game. Our plan for updates moving forward is to release more substantial game updates on a monthly schedule. With that in mind, here is a look at what our priorities are for the update coming at the beginning of next month.

-Faster Combat animation, and new features to make Combat less tedious later in the game.
-Android version key features (Achievements, Leaderboards, bug fixing, performance, device support).
-Android platform release.
-Make the Oracle be a source of information and hints about secrets in the game.
-Help players discover and make use of Town Crafting system (a key part of making progress).
-Changes for some existing items (ex: Gift of Longevity item will now impact the parenting board).
-New content: items, traits & buildings.
-More expressive character faces.
-Optimizations: smaller download size.
-continued minor stability and bug fixing.

Thanks, and we appreciate all of the feedback you've sent in about the game. Please keep that coming! We want to make Hero Generations: ReGen as fun as possible for you.

Founder, Lead Designer on Hero Generations

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