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Hero Generations: ReGen | Bug Reporting
Have you encountered a bug in Hero Generations: ReGen for iOS, Steam, or (soon) Android? This is a place where you can post feedback and information on bugs you encounter so that we can get them fixed. First, look at other posts in the thread and see if your issue has already been reported. If not, we would love to have you reply here (or email as much of the info below as possible to help us identify your issue:
  • The type of device/OS you were on.
  • Screenshots or video demonstrating the behavior of your bug.
  • Context information: What you were doing leading up to the bug? Where were you in the game (Generation, location, etc)? Were you on a certain type of square? The more details the better!
  • If you think the bug includes information that would spoil the game for other players, please add a [spoiler] tag.
Providing Save Game Files:

It's useful for some bugs to send us your save game files, which we can use to reproduce your issue in our debugger and get more information.  Here is how to locate your save files on different platforms:

Windows: C:\Users\{username}\AppData\LocalLow\Heart Shaped Games\Generations\
Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Heart Shaped Games/Generations
Linux: Either of 1) ~/.config/unity3d/Heart Shaped Games/Generations or 2) $XDG_DATA_HOME/.config/unity3d/Heart Shaped Games/Generations

Android: TBD

You can attach or zip all of the .hgsave and .hgdata files in your platform's folder.

Thank you again for your help!
Heart Shaped Games
!!! All Links are Screenshots that can contain Spoilers. Please don't click them if you don't want to be spoiled !!!

OS: Windows 10 64-bit
PC-Type: Lenovo Yoga (With touchscreen and tabletmode)
Resolution: 1366x768
Rest given if needed

1.) In tutorial many "Continue" buttons are not translated
2.) The City in Tutorial is named "Base" {City}. In german it is then Base Stadt, which doesn't make much sense. Either the Base in this case needs to be translated or maybe the city needs to be left out and the type of the city should just be stated seperated from the actual city name
3.) "Skip Tutorial" directly skips the tutorial. Here would a security question like "Are you sure...?" be nice.
4.) During Tutorial if you want to move somewhere else, the text in the information window is not fully visible.
Screen 1 | Screen 2
5.) On Parental Board the "Enter a name" and "Choose" is not translated.
6.) On hitting ESC in Menu the game shuts down. Here would a question like "Do you want to exit?" be nice again. Also in addition a button for exiting the game on pc would be good.
7.) On Parental Board the "Rare" and "Traits" are not translated.
8.) On the Building Screen in german lifespan is too long, but we don't really have a better translation. So it would need to be a little smaller (Should be "Lebenszeit" but only shows "Lebenszei")
9.) In the City Blueprint Screen it would be nice to have a mouseover tooltip for the needed buildings (What building it is) and what the tribute actually is.
10.) During the tutorial the arrow pointing to the farm is positioned too low
11.) "Fame Score" Text (see screenshot) is not in the translation list and therefore not translated
12.) Complete in Quest Window is not translated

So far for today. Will test more tomorrow.
Angel  I'm so excited  Angel
Windows 8 64 bits
RAM: 16 GB
CPU: intel i3 2100T
GPU: NVidia 750TI
Monitor: 1080p =- 1920x1080

1- Change language (2016-07-27_00002.jpg)
I think it's better if the language name is in the native destination language, since when I'm looking for my language I might not know which one it is if the current language is Chinese or Russian Smile
Example: Portuguese =- Português / Spanish =- Español

2- Information (2016-07-27_00004.jpg)
The continue button is not translated

3- Lifespan tooltip (2016-07-27_00006.jpg)
The tooltip text should appear above the hero.

4- Family board translations missing (2016-07-27_00007.jpg)
- "Enter Hero Name"
- "Choose"
- "Rare"
- "Traits"

5- Building feature not translated (2016-07-27_00010.jpg)
"Produced every 10 years."

6- Fame tooltip not translated (2016-07-27_00011.jpg)

7- Quest empty or navigation not working (20160728195420_1.jpg)
If I click the arrow buttons nothing happens.

5- Variables without a value (20160728195531_1.jpg)
The placeholders {0} and {1} should have a value.

6- 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, ... not translated (20160728200442_1.jpg)

7- Hero names not translated (20160728200819_1.jpg)
Kristen is not a Portuguese name. We should give the Heroes native language names too Smile

8- Game hangs after a fight with 2 enemies (2enemies-protecting.jpg / 2enemies-won-cannot-exit.jpg)
After defeating the 2nd enemy the player cannot return to the game.

That's all I was able to find for now.
Thanks guys! I'll get these logged.

-antcasq, I grabbed all of the screenshots so I'm going to remove them so they don't take up so much room Smile
Heart Shaped Games
Big Grin 
I don't know yet how to reproduce this... but... I just got for my first Artifact 24000 Fame in the 3rd generation. Could it be, that if i have a monument connected to a city and I bring an artifact, that the artifact gives the fame i earned in the previous generation?

After I tried it directly with the next generation the bug seems to be even more severe xD in the 4th generation I brought 2 artifacts at once to the city (2 Museums and 1 Monument) and for completing the missions i got 72000 Fame.

Generation 5 1 Artifact ... 216000 Fame ^^ I stop with trying to use that glitch more now... but it is kind of gamebreaking ^^

(As if i could stop now xD)
Generation 6 1 Artifact ... 648000 Fame
Generation 7 1 Artifact ... 1944000 Fame
Generation 8 1 Artifact ... 1944500 Fame (brought it to the wrong city... what showed me, that it has nothing to do with the museums and monument)
Generation 9 1 Artifact ... 5832000 Fame (Ok... the 2 museums and the monument city is increasing it exponentially... is that supposed to?)
Generation 10 1 Artifact ... 17497200 Fame now i stop xD
Generation 11 1 Artifact ... 34992000 now for real xD

Only the 1. artifact per generation gives the insane bonus fame... xD also after 1 museum finally vanished, the city transformed into a kingdom ^^ (but the bug stayed with 1 museum and monument)


Edit: In the FameGlitch9.png you can see a strange fame reward increase in the artifact quests


1.) If you get more than 2 traits on the parenting board you should be able to choose which 2 you actually want to get.

Edit 2: Will try to reproduce the bug with a new game

Edit 3:

I can't anymore xD 1.) the doom clock seem to do nothing 2.) my fame is now overflowing the memory and growing into the - (fame seems to be capped at int/2)

Edit 4: Spoiler Tags are not working

Edit 5:
The Mission screen shows the glitchy fame rewards

Edit 6: It is highly reproducable
Angel  I'm so excited  Angel
Windows 8 64 bits / xubuntu 16.04 LTS
RAM: 16 GB
CPU: intel i3 2100T
GPU: NVidia 750TI
Monitor: 1080p =- 1920x1080

1- Cloud saving not working
Saved games are not being sync to cloud. I started a game in Windows and it's not available in Linux. I started a game in my desktop in Linux and it's not available in my netbook in Linux. I deleted the game and reinstalled it form Steam and my saved games were lost.

2- Game desktop icon missing in Linux (missing-icon.png)

3- In some languages a word comes first and in other comes last (quest-before.jpg)
In English you say "Florest Quest" but in Portuguese you say "Quest Florest". It's the same issue I reported in the Google Doc related to the age milestone. In that case the solution was to remove the milestone word, leaving it blank. I can do the same regarding the Quests, but the ideal solution it to be able to add the quest word translation as a prefix or a suffix.

By the way, this time I attached smaller images Smile

Actually regarding issue "3- In some languages a word comes first and in other comes last" the easiest and more intuitive way to do it is to add the Quest word to the Quest in question.
Example: "Visit All Forests" =- "Visit All Forests Quest"; "Find All Buried Treasure" =- "Find All Buried Treasure Quest" this way we can adjust the translation putting the quest word at the beginning or at the end.

The same goes for ageing: "Child" =- "Child Milestone" ; "Adult" =- "Adult Milestone"

Attached Files Image(s)
Thanks for all the bug reports everyone, keep them coming! The Linux and Mac bugs that prevented the game from running at startup should now be fixed.

In terms of performance/speed of the game, we'll be beginning our optimization pass this week. Our hope is that we'll be able to identify some low-hanging fruit improvements, as well as exposes some additional settings that will let you turn off some of the more expensive graphical features on lower-end machines.

Some specific responses:
@antcasq I think the easiest fix solution for the quest title is to remove the "Quests" part of the title for non-english languages. We're running short on time, and it will take a little more work to restructure how the title is setup for each language. Perhaps this could be polished later on when we have more of the critical game elements in place.

I'll look into the Linux icon issue.

Cloud Saves are not currently enabled for the game, but we intend to implement the feature. We're going to enable it later once all of our save game features and bug fixes are sorted out.

@seonnyn We're working on the fame glitch. Also, selecting which traits to keep from the parenting board is on our list of features to add, just haven't gotten to it yet!
Founder, Lead Designer on Hero Generations
OK, there are 2 quests strings to translate, one in line 3 and another one in line 389. Since the one in line 389 as a space character in the beginning I assume that's the right one to clean/delete. Am I right?

I've found 3 more minor bugs:

1- Quests not translated (443260_screenshots_20160801205822_1.jpg)
After starting the tutorial, if you click the quest icon in the upper right corner, they are empty (OK) but not translated (NOK). After you are assigned the 1st quest, everything works fine.

2- Fame tooltip not translated (443260_screenshots_20160801205904_1.jpg)
If you put the mouse in the upper right corner a tooltip appears but is not translated.

3- Prophecy of Doom quest not translated (443260_screenshots_20160801211826_1.jpg)
After the 1st or 2nd generation the "Prophecy of Doom quest" appears bit it's not translated.

Attached Files Image(s)

One more bug caught Wink

If you disable the clouds particles and play the tutorial, during the tutorial they are disabled. However after finishing the tutorial they become enabled! Then if you exit the current game and load it, the clouds particles settings reflect the user choice again.

Squash the little thing!

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