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Simple crystal deck sugestions.
So I created a new crystal deck today, since I bought 2 crystal boosters withoug making changes to my old deck. If anyone would offer any tips on what to change it would be much appreciated.

My old deck:

[Image: pdeck-8df4011195647839a5fcfde4135ccfd7.png]

And my new deck:

[Image: pdeck-e6f58b4727b101f9987982cecc9614f0.png]

Bellow is a list of all my crystal units;


2x Ino
2x Loom
2x Lyss
2x Pep
2x Rorth
2x Talas
2x Tamurum
2x Yuo
2x Yuolen


2x Atrophus
2x Ekin
2x Fiss
1x Ghasper
2x Ghast
1x Impe
1x Molo
1x Rahhn
2x Rainer
2x Striker
1x Urn
2x Zender


1x Berna
1x Chall
1x Faiser
1x Gaeis
1x Jion
1x Mirault
1x Nevil
1x Ozgo
2x Rhyne
2x Tempest
2x Varo
1x Yaran

As I said; I would appreciate any tips or comments. I played a couple of matches with my new deck today and I have a feeling that it was more succesfull attack and production wise.

Images broken.
Fear my mediocrity!
(02-28-2015, 02:53 PM)Riftskipper Wrote: Images broken.

Images are fixed.
I would drop the zenders (Tempest is the same, only better), and the jion (just not good value) and add your gaeis, and you can probably do without Lyss (solid in some decks, kinda meh in this one). Bolt seems to be your victory plan, but if that's the case you straight up lose to spearhead. Gaeis can do some damage but you'd like more Golems (possibly add Molo) and ideally 2 Gaeis. Keep your deck list small (Fasier may be another cut, but if your worried about healing I'd go 2 ino) The single Yaran may not be worth it, because fireball needs numbers to be as effective as it can be.

hope that helps.
feel free to send me a match invite if you want to test it out

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