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[1.04] Observatory Crashes Game or Memory Leak?
On the desert world, I entered an Observatory tile, but the map was already 100% revealed. The game seemed to freeze and then crashed when I tried to exit out. I tried starting and loading the game again, but it freezes immediately upon load.

Edit: Actually the game temporarily kicked in finally (while writing this post). It appears to spin for several minutes (screen becomes white) before continuing and then freezes again after a move. Perhaps it's a memory leak and not a consequence of the Observatory. This hero has been alive for a long time, due to the Fountain of Youth.

Regardless, I managed a move and a combat before I finally had to quit/crash out again after a permanent freeze.

Edit 2: Finally able to make it to a town via brute force quit/crash/loading. Started 5th generation and game returned to normal.

[Image: hg_screen4.jpg]
definitely odd. In the future, you can copy your save file (saveSlot0.xml in the game folder) and attach it to a post (or send to That way I can reproduce the problem on my machine with a debugger attached and see the cause.

Thanks for the bug report, i'll look into it.
Founder, Lead Designer on Hero Generations
I think it's related to living for too long, I've had this happen as well with a hero living for more than 200 years and there was no Observatory around and I was in an island world. (I have to admit that I cheated a bit and edited the save files to have a very long living hero, but I think this also happens if you gain enough years of life in-game without cheating) Sadly, I no longer have the save where it occured.

I've also encountered a bug where you can't move after getting on some special tiles, it once happened after opening a chest and trying to pick up the fancy staff that came out of it and the other time was when I tried to visit the Ancient Statue. Here are both saves:
Thanks for the save files, I'll take a look!
Founder, Lead Designer on Hero Generations

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