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Hero Generations: ReGen Coming to Steam and Mobile this August
[Image: ReGenAnnounce2.jpg]

Development for Hero Generations: ReGen is humming along. The game is roughly past code complete, and we're now working towards getting all of the new and existing game content in place. Now that the game is further along in development, I'm excited to say we have more release details to share!

  • Release Date: We've set a tentative release timeline of August 2016! Mark your calendars.

  • Launch Platforms: In addition to the already announced iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android versions, the game will be released on Steam for MAC, PC, and (yes!) Linux platforms!

  • Steam Page is Live! We have just revealed our new Steam store page, where you can view our new trailer, and add the game to your Steam wishlist

  • Beta Testers: We're looking for beta testers, across all platforms! If you're interested, please email us at and let us know which devices/operating systems you have. If you're selected, will send a follow-up email in a few weeks with details on how you can get access to the beta build and send us feedback.

  • Translation: Many of you have expressed interest in helping us translate the game text into other languages. We're seriously considering this if time allows, and we're going to try crowd-sourcing the translation with help from the HG community. Stay tuned for another call for volunteers in a future update.

Finally, as part of finishing up the game, we're starting to add some never before seen items, buildings, quests, and characters. Here's a sneak peek at what's coming. Can you guess what they'll do?

[Image: Robot_Example.png]
Founder, Lead Designer on Hero Generations

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