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Any tips when facing a Brodie/Flare deck?
Anyone here got any tips when facing a deck containing Brodie/Viath/Finch/Kemp?

Having trouble beating any of these decks.
Flare decks are very strong, & especially against gold/wood.

If they don't have a Brodie, a good gold rush should have no problem. If they do, you'll need some sort of trick to stop them from healing him, otherwise its a hard match.

Crystal front production is also relatively good against flare armies, since you don't lose as much production as gold, nor your producers like wood. With some luck, you should be able to out produce their disruption.

Aside from those 2, I can't really think of any other counters. You could add units like Gernt or Moggart, but they tend to slow you down against other armies. Remember, Harden also has 2 defense!
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Revenge decks with 2 rauny's and any additional healing you have works very well. Also throw in bolt. the strongest counters are gonna be mostly crystal for their early frontline defense, front row production and healing with units like impe
What about a gold wound/rush deck? That may work, get some Illian + Hardies + Chloe, but of course the problem is getting the economy fast enough to get them out, I have win some matches like that.
Frogs never get any love XD Don't think they would work here without a way to keep on healing them but maybe worth a shot?
Frogs don't have front defence though.
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Question for you guys: what type of unit COULD be a good counter to flare, if it existed? high defense? something else?
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(04-06-2015, 02:42 PM)scott Wrote: Question for you guys: what type of unit COULD be a good counter to flare, if it existed? high defense? something else?

In my opinion the main problem when facing a flare deck is the turn 2 kemp that they can pull out, and the fact that they can proceed to destroy your economy from the second turn by bringing out another kemp and/or Finch or Brodie on the third/fourth turns.

Gold usually has the least trouble when dealing with flare decks in my experience because of units like Midras and Gerran's back row defense. They also have units like Hale and Harden which can block the flare reaching the back row and Raleigh and Epherius which mean they can cope much better against the front and back row wound.

For Wood decks the main problem is the wound because of the fact there is so little defense in the faction as a whole and the fact that they usually take advantage of both rows when producing which can quickly be wounded by flare.
Mabye adding a unit 4 cost unit with 2 wood and 3 protect on the back row that can be paired with Roko which can protect your economy until you can get units like Androg or Abbie which can protect your back row, or bring out Noch or Uvil for the toxic damage. Or mabye adding another low cost unit with 1 wood and 1 heal on the back row may be enough to out-heal the wound.

The success of Crystal decks depends upon what you put in them. Impe's may work if the fare deck gets out a back row Hammot or Mull early, and back row Doro's and Ino's work reasonably well, so long as Brodie isn't pulled out early i.e. 3rd/4th turn. However if they lack these units then Crystal decks tend to suffer a slow death because they lack the healing to cope with the multi wound.
Stell is an interesting unit which could solve all of crystal decks problems when paired with Ino, but it is just too unappealing to put in a deck because of its 1 cost and chance to ruin turn 1 draws. Mabye increasing the cost to 2 and putting an extra crystal on the back row would make it a much more interesting choice.

Or you could just go about increasing the cost of Kemp to 5 so that it is a lot harder to bring out on turn 2, however with a great start with 2 duigs/1 Duig and a Kil, a turn 2 Kemp would still be possible. :/
Perhaps an ability the generates resources at battle start, as opposed to during the unit's turn. I think it should be back row only.

I don't think Kemp/finch is too much of a problem, as any amount of defence/wounding pretty much takes care of him. The bigger problem lies with Brodie, since he also comes out on turn 2, but can pretty much ignore any defense you throw at him. The only way to really play around him is to trigger guardian so he wounds himself, but even then a Kil stops that.

Short of healing, Brodie is pretty much an all-in-one unit; he's disruption that also stops rushes, while still being fast enough for a win condition.
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