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[Guide] The Forest World
I want to create a Guide for every world with their Minions and Bosses, so this is the first "episode" I would like you to read it and give me advices how I can approve it. What is missing? What is wrong? What should be mentioned more? I'm happy over every bit of advice and may turn this whole guide later on into video-form.

The Forest
The forest will be the first world you'll see. It is a peaceful world, where you can get your heritage ready to engulf to other worlds.

The Minions
The Minion is most likely very weak and not even mentionable in the forest. You will beat them in most cases very easy because they have a strength of 2 to 5. They're walking freely through the forest and you will encounter them a lot in the beginning.

The Leaders
The Leaders of the minions are the Minions, which are sitting staticly on the minion layer of the world (you most likely got a quest to clean it) and they won't move away from it. So what divides these guys from the normal minion? Well, the strength and that they got a treat. They most likely have a strength around 19 and have a treat in addition (which could be p.e. warrior, so their strength could be increased). But keep in mind, until you defeat the Leader of the lair minions will spawn there.

The Boss
Health: 15
Strength: 60
Damage: 10

The trait is distributet randomly at the beginning of a generation. But the boss has a random trait, which could be worse if it is p.e. the warrior treat.

Special Features
He will trace you if you carry an artifact. Otherwise he will just randomly wander around.

Recommendable Items
Actually every item for this world is fine. But I would advice a hammer to repair buildings and to faster and better get your heritage up in this world.
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