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Yahoo Games Portal Shutting Down - Info For Highgrounds Players
Hi everyone,

Yahoo Games has just informed us that their web games portal,, will be shutting down as of May, 13th, 2016, and they will stop accepting in-game payment on March 14th, 2016. Yahoo Games is one of the many portals Highgrounds is available on, and if you are a player there, that means your account will not be available for play once May 14th hits. 

To be clear, this only affects players on Yahoo Games - if you play on our website (, Kongregate, Armor Games, Newgrounds, or any other website, your account will NOT be affected.

We want our Yahoo Games players to be able to continue playing on our main website,, and have put together a support system to help you make the transition. Here are the details:

How To Transfer Your Yahoo Games Account to Another Platform
Yahoo Games is a separate account system from our website. Your Login and account will not work if entered into any of our other platforms. There are technical limitations that may prevent us from completely transferring your account to our system in many cases.  We'll do our best on a case-by-case basis to give you an account with as much value as on Yahoo Games. Please take the following steps if you would like to continue playing the game via

1. E-mail with the headline "Yahoo Games Account Transfer".
2. In the email please provide the following information:

a. Your Highgrounds nickname associated with your Yahoo Games account (this is important - this is what let's us find your account info in our system).
b. The email address you use to login to Yahoo Games with.
c.  If you have a site account you would like us to transfer your progress to, please provide the same information as in a & b for that account. If not, please let us know what email you would like to register with, and we will create a new account for you.
d. Whether or not you have made any paid purchases on Yahoo Games. If you can't remember, we can look up the specifics.

3. We will then follow up with you with information on how we'll resolve the transfer, and if there are any issues with data that cannot be brought over. We'll then send you your new account information and instructions for how to login and change your password. In the event we cannot transfer data or purchases, we will try to find other resolutions, such as gem compensation equivalent to purchases, etc.

Note: The timing of this news unfortunately lines up with our development team's trip to the Game Developer's Conference, so there may be a delay in response through next week.

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have about this process in this thread or via our support email address ( Thank you for understanding as we work to find the best solution for all of our players affected by the Yahoo Games closure.

-Scott Brodie
Founder, Lead Designer
Heart Shaped Games
Founder, Lead Designer on Hero Generations
How much of our account data will be transferred? Commanders? Card collection? Gems? I would hope to at minimum retain my commanders and any cards of 'Rare' or higher. Will this be possible?
Never argue with a hobgoblin. It'll just amuse him more.
I'm hopeful we can transfer most of those things, though we're still working through our first few transfers, and will learn more about if there are any specific hiccups. I'll update this thread if there are any parts of an account that cannot be brought over.

Also, we're a small team, so depending on the size of your collection, and the volume of transfer requests we receive, the transfer process may take longer.
Founder, Lead Designer on Hero Generations
Thanks, Scott. You have created a great product! HighGrounds is the only game that I consistently play on a daily basis. Kudos!
Never argue with a hobgoblin. It'll just amuse him more.

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