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Commander Level Up Help
Hey guys.

I am bored, tired, and have hw, so I'll let you guys decide on what the best level up for my commander.

It's level 21, type Skeleton (idk why, just is), cost 17
Back Row: 3 recruit, 3 fireball
Front Row: 2 bolt, 2 paladin

+1 recruit, no cost change
1 Toxic, replace 2 paladin, cost -6 to 11
1 Wound, replace 2 paladin, cost - 3 to 14
Type Fox, replace skeleton

I'm probably either going to stick with the 1 recruit to keep my paladin, or replace the paladin the with wound so I can piss the hell out of people   Big Grin

I usually play with this army,

[Image: pdeck-7fa34f5ce7ae6def481036a3bea46b50.png]

might throw the Adrog out, and waiting on getting Kil's though.

You don't really need recruit on a unit that's so expensive. By the time you have enough units out to afford your commander, you don't need to quickly get through your deck.
Healing on back row would be better. Hunter type means that you could reduce cost by one and have your commander work with fox pack. Maybe replacing your paladin with defense might be a good move too.

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