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Scare Pack Update!
Big Grin 
The "Scare Pack" update is planned to release in the next week, and it will again be FREE for all existing players! The update will feature a host of new items, buildings, events, and bug fixes. Here are a few highlights from the planned feature list:

-Ghost Towns invade the Swamp! Towns can become haunted, and that can have an interesting effect on the mates you'll find...
-End Game: the volcano demon will make its presence felt a bit more throughout the game.
-Tons of new weapons and special items.
-Town Screen and UI polish. Gone are the large white areas and less polished looking aspects of the UI in larger resolutions. Notice the stone pattern in the preview screenshot, for example.
-A number of community reported bugs will be addressed.

We'll let you know when it's officially out!
Heart Shaped Games

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