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The Highgrounds Matrix (unit viewer and deck building resource)

The Highgrounds Matrix is a very useful website for learning and reviewing the Highgrounds units.

I figured I should post the link in a prominent place on the new forums so that newer players or people who haven't bookmarked it can find it easily.

This thread can also be used to discuss the site and stuff, but I'm mostly posting it to advertise it as it's a really helpful resource.
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(01-12-2015, 06:49 PM)zer0suit Wrote: I've also tried using the "Forgot your password" link. I type in my email and I never receive anything. I will also mention that I 100% know my email and password.

Did you check your spam?
FYI I have updated the assets on the Highgrounds Asset Git so that the matrix site can be brought up to date with the v2.0 changes. I can be contacted at if you need more info.
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Is there any option to add some usabilities from ccgmatrix to HG?
It would be awesome to see how many units are missing or to group them by type or cost and make deck building easier.
So... nobody else has been more than 3 days with this message:

'This webpage is not available


Same problem, since last week : (

Not sure why....have someone pay the taxes for that web page!? >______>
yeah, the site seems down, xyn doesn't use it anymore for his reviews, so I guess it's dead

that's sad
Xyn still uses it, it's just currently down, so you can't see any of the images.
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I dare you to say my name properly!
The plan was to go back and add the images once it comes back. If it doesn't come back soon I'll start using imgur or something.

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