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Xyn's Daily Unit Review
Thanks Scott, glad you're enjoying them.

[Image: wSSER4O.jpg]
(highgrounds matrix giving me some issues today, I'll figure it out later)

= Midras =

- Moderate to Very High

Midras is a good little unit at the worst of times. He's not the most cost efficient producer, but his 1 defense can be a lifesaver. Sure, Gerren is cheaper, but the value of 3 cost over 4 cost is often marginal, and Midras has a few extra tricks up his sleeve.

Deck Building Strategy:
- Mid-Level Economy
- Back Row Defense
- Troll (Vago) Deck

He isn't nearly as good of a value as Johnn and Harden of course, but he can be purchased on turn 2. Considering that a back row full of units who produce only 2 gold each can give you 16 gold per turn (including the 2 city gold from Titan Ridge), units like Midras, Gerren and Evelyn who cost less than 5 gold and produce 2 are really handy.

And of course, if your deck's back row keeps getting wounded, some back row defense can be great. Make sure not to skimp on Healing though, Defense usually only slows down Wound, it usually isn't a solution all by itself.

But most importantly, you want to pair Midras with Vago. Vago gets buffed by other trolls in both rows (as long as the other troll is in the same row as Vago), and Vago is no joke, in either row. If you have 1 or 2 Vago, pairing them with 2 Harden, 2 Midras, and even 1 or 2 Grom pretty much goes without saying.

- Protected Economy
- Vago Buffing

Midras technically has Siege which is nice, and he even has 2 attack which Gerren lacks, but in general that probably won't get a ton of use. Use it situationally if you can, but don't plan your deck around it.

Midras main draw is protected gold production. Often you want to place him in the top spot of your back row, but consider placing him in the 2nd, or even 3rd slot to try and anticipate multi-arrow units. You may even want to place Midras near the bottom of your back row, to try and protect a healer in the next slot below.

But if you have a Vago or two, try to always have Midras in the same row as Vago. In the early game, Vago will produce up to 7 gold if there are 7 Trolls in the back row. Later on, if you can manage to trap/trick your opponent into wounding a front row Vago, Vago's Tribal Hex will do 5 Toxic for every Troll in your front row (up to 35 per Vago). Additionally, Midras has no front row Defense, which means that the odds of a multi-wounder hitting Vago are much higher than with Trolls like Harden and Grom.

Xyn's Buyer Recommendation:
- Buy it. Probably.

If you don't have Midras, you should probably buy at least one, maybe 2. If you have no Gerren either, you should almost certainly buy Midras, although if you have 2 Gerren, your back row defense is probably fine already.

However, if you have 1 or 2 Vago and no Midras, definitely buy 2. They can be a really powerful combo. Tribal Hex can be devastating if you pull it off, but the main draw of Vago+Midras is the tremendously huge amount of Gold you can produce. Go crazy, make a 20 cost Commander, you can afford it with a Troll Economy (note: I don't actually suggest you make a 20 cost Commander unless you have a really good idea what you are doing).

90 to 180 gems is a bit of an investment, but if you are getting wounded a lot, Midras is probably worth it. If you have a Vago, Midras is definitely worth it.
[Image: pdeck-d208784ea3f99b2e27daf2635cdf640a.png]

= Cliff =

- High

Cliff isn't an amazing unit, but he's a very solid attacker. He just hits hard and is difficult to wound, so if you are able to start pulling expensive units like him out without being on the verge of losing already, you are probably in pretty good shape. He's expensive, so he's not right for every deck, but if your economy can support him, he's a solid choice.

Deck Building Strategy:
- Large Economy

There really isn't a ton of strategy that goes into most uses of Cliff. There are a few gimmicks he has, but for the most part he's just a strong, tough, but expensive unit. So not only do you want to have an economy that can afford him, but you also probably want to have some other expensive units to justify that large economy, such as Spike, Arthur, a 12+ cost Commander, etc.

Troll economies using Vago can be good. Farmer economy's buffed by Horus can be good too. Pency's Tax, along with Charity units can be great sources of large amounts of gold, but they can also be less reliable, so try not to rely entirely on them if you can help it.

- Mid to Late Game Attack and Defense

Like any unit with front row defense, you probably don't want Cliff in your top spot. You want him at least in the 2nd slot or lower, to try to prevent any units from getting wounded before they have a chance to move that turn. If the unit above has no Defense, Spike can technically wound Cliff from above, so don't get over confident. In a pinch, Cliff can be thrown back row to create a wall that even two Spikes can't penetrate.

Cliff, like all Mountain units, can also be buffed by a back row Laginn (or help buff a front row Laginn), however Laginn's abilities aren't always the most useful, and they generally work better with cheaper Mountain units.

Xyn's Buyer Recommendation:
- Buy it if you need more high level Attack in your gold deck

If you feel like your deck is coming up short, and you've already got a strong enough economy to hire a few more 14 cost units, Cliff is a staple unit that can help increase the maximum damage output of your deck. There isn't a lot to Cliff, but he's a unit you want to have. 500 gems is maybe a little expensive to get two of them, so maybe try just getting one for now if you have none already. If you're really thrilled with how he does befor the end of the day, you can buy another one, but even a single Cliff should be a decent improvement to a lot of decks.

Just don't expect him to start winning any games for you. He can only - a deck that already has a decent economy and strategy. All he provides is some solid attack and defense at a somewhat hefty price to hire.
I think Cliff can be a very good buy for a new player as there's not much strategy to using him. He's a very straightforward unit that you don't need to combine with other units for him to be effective. So far, this is probably the best unit for a new player to buy that has been offered.
Yeah. You really can't go wrong with Cliff. He's easy to use yet he stays a valuable unit even in many advanced decks.
Sorry I'm a bit late today. Fortunately it's not that important of a buyers recommendation.

[Image: pdeck-7a4a86fa7780a874281f9b16b54b4936.png]

= Jolien =

- Moderate to High

3 Heal is almost always nice to have. Unfortunately with Jolien, it's all concentrated in a single easy to wound unit since she has no Defense. She also costs a somewhat hefty price to hire, and basically does nothing else for you. Still, if you are facing a lot of wounding, she can be really nice to have in your deck.

Deck Building Strategy:

Unlike Evelyn and Epherious, Jolien is more of a mid to late game unit. She will count against your number of units that you can hire on Turn 2, so try not to bloat your deck with too many other expensive units if you can help it. Ideally, somewhere between a third and a half of your units in your deck should cost 4 or less (or 5 if they produce at least 2 resources) if you want to avoid frequent situations where you can't afford any units on turn 2.

Try not to place all of your healing responsibility on Jolien. For one thing, she's a little expensive, so she won't help you in the early game and she may be hard to hire if a few of your gold producers got wounded the previous turn. For another, she is pretty vulnerable, so you want at least one other healer who can heal Jolien if she gets wounded.

- Reactionary Healing
- Constant Juggling

Jolien is a bit expansive, but packs a lot of healing. In general, try not to actually hire her unless eithar A) your opponent is actively wounding you or you anticipate that they are about to wound you, or B) you have an empty slot and more than enough gold to hire her and anyone else you need that turn. Ideally you want another unit like Evelyn to handle your healing until such a time as you really NEED Jolien.

Remember to constantly move Jolien, as your opponent will likely be targeting her. Placing her just below a unit with some back row Defense is always a good strategy, just try not to get predictable. If you have a second Healer on the field, try to place them in places where they can heal each other if one or the other gets wounded.

Xyn's Buyer Recommendation:
- Don't Buy

There aren't a lot of decks that will need more than one Jolien, and all players have at least 1 Jolien.

But if you have a deck that could really use 3 more healing and can afford another 7 cost unit in it, buy another. 90 gems isn't a bad price for the value she provides. I can't think of any good deck that would need two Jolien though.
[Image: pdeck-d500145c848424c4bda48ddcc1315ed2.png]

= Mag =

- Very High

Mag is just a great unit. I can't say enough good things about him, so I won't try. Just a solid producer, and beyond.

Deck Building Strategy:
- Production
- Light Disruption

Obviously Mag's main use is production. But it can be deceptive, because on it's surface, 2 wood production for 3 cost to hire doesn't seem so great, even with the nice perks of his 1 honor and his back row fireball. But remember, Wood has Diug and Kil, two great units who only cost 1 wood each, and Mag will never disrupt a T1 draw. So if you get a T2 Mag, you'll almost always be able to hire him, and if you produced at least 4 wood on T1, you can even hire another Diug or Kil if available. More over, Mag sells for 2 wood, which can really come in handy. So overall, he's just a great addition to most Wood deck's economies.

His fireball can come in handy too. Don't overdo it though, Mag is far more valuable in the front row most of the time. His back row is usually more useful in the mid to late game when you need his Wood less. He should never be placed in a deck primarily because of his disruption.

- Honor
- Fireball

Try to place Mag at or near the top to try and trigger his Honor when possible. It can often soften up an opponents HP quite nicely.

In the back row, try to aim his fireballs at or below back row healers, or at valuable front row units if you have arrows or flare also hitting the enemy back row.

Xyn's Buyer Recommendation:
- Buy it

If you have any interest in Wood at all, Mag is a great unit to have. You definitely want 2 Mag's. 40 gems is a bargain for 2 Mag's. Get as many as you need, he's well worth it if you plan to play Wood any time soon. There are very few Wood decks that don't benefit from having him.
Out of 42 Ultra Rare units, I vote Lans to be the least necessary to have of all of them.
You won't hear any argument from me Monkeh.

[Image: pdeck-a38b7a603cedfb2ee8b5c89c42e17c8b.png]

= Lans =

- Obsolete

Lans used to be a unit with a place. He was never a great unit, but he was acceptable and had a place in the meta game. Now, not so much. The game has long since moved past 1 front wound (with no other abilities) being useful in most situations. His back row isn't a bad value, but hardly worth putting him into a deck over. Indeed, every other Ultra Rare has at least some conceivable reason why I'd put it in a deck. But not Lans.

Deck Building Strategy:
- Avoid Using Lans

His front row really won't help you, pretty much ever. Not that it will never do something useful, but the benefit will never outweigh the cost, and you will always be putting yourself behind by trying to use front wound. More over, Domino can do the same front wound as Lans and is a Common, and Monroe can do the same and arguably has a better back row than Lans in some situations (2 Greed) and is an Uncommon. Both Domino and Monroe hire for the same 3 gold and sell for 2 gold just the same as Lans. Now, personally, I think that Lans is usually a better unit than Monroe and ALWAYS a better choice than the totally useless Domino, but that's only because all three units are hopelessly obsolete, and Lans being an Ultra Rare just exacerbates the situation.

Now Lans back row is where his real value comes in. 3 cost for 1 back row arrow isn't unreasonable. If Lans just had a better front row of some kind, he'd be fine, and could be worth putting in certain decks (even as he is, he can still occasionally be useful in a few unusual decks). However, Marshall also costs 3 gold and has 1 back row arrow, and while Marshall also has Renegade and thus can't be sold for 2 gold like Lans can, Marshall also has 4 attack in front, which is a really solid front row ability.

If you have no Lans and you really want some of his abilities, just put Marshall in your deck, and maybe Monroe (don't even bother with Domino). Don't have a Marshall or Monroe? Skip Lans until you get one randomly (or get Marshall and/or Monroe first) and stick to some other strategies that don't involve them for now.

- Back row disruption

I can't really advise putting Lans front row in almost any situation other than to hit a high cost Frail unit who your opponent is failing to move, or to push your front line down to enable your own units to rampage and/or to block your opponent from rampaging.

Back row, try to use his arrow like any other back row arrow. Try to aim for the opponents lowest healer or below. Combines with a front row Arrow unit like Domino aiming towards the top of the opponents deck for maximum effect.

Even better tactic, don't hire Lans, because you didn't put him in your deck. You didn't put him in your deck, did you? Good.

Xyn's Buyer Recommendation:
- Never Buy

It may come as a shock to you after my glowing review that I don't think you should actually purchase Lans. He's a brilliant unit, but such raw power must be attained naturally in it's own due time. Don't sully this holy moment by rushing out to spend 1200 to 2400 gems on this magnificent treasure, he's worth far more than that and it would be an insult. You must let Lans come into your heart in his own time.

Lans really isn't a horrible unit. Outdated yes, but there are worse units (Groff, Domino, and Sigil come to mind). Still, I really can't advise you ever put him in a deck these days, much less purchase him. 1200 gems is a bet of a hefty price tag even for Ultra Rares that are totally worth it. For Lans, I wouldn't even suggest buying him for the 20 gem cost of a Common unit, just because I don't see an important reason to add him to your decks.

Hopefully someday he'll receive a buff, but don't spend that many gems on him today on the off chance that he may be half decent tomorrow.
[Image: pdeck-b34d4e9519c8eafab2290430d06b8275.png]

= Era =

- Extremely High

This is a big one. This is one of the most important Wood units in the game. There are so many wood decks that will be operating below peak efficiency if they don't have an Era. The healing is unmatched, and the defense can stand up to all but the heaviest wounding. The front row Attack is dangerous to use, and the Frail is a big weakness in general at 15 cost to hire, but Era will save you from defeat many times in both rows.

Deck Building Strategy:
- Heavy Healing
- Requires Strong Economy

Era will basically take care of all of your healing needs. Don't neglect having at least one or two cheap healers like Kil and Roko to help in the early game, but Kil is already a great choice for most decks anyways. Era can also be used with her Attack in mind, but try to only use her in the front row in in either A) final blows, B) desperation, or C) for one turn as some bonus surprise Attack when you are confident that the enemy won't be wounding you much. In general, it's usually best to just leave Era in the back row most of the time.

In general, you want to have a pretty strong economy in any deck that has Era. Technically, lighter Wood economies can still manage to hire Era, but she isn't really worth having in most rush decks. At a minimum, your deck should at least be as expensive as Dogs if you want to hire Era. She generally fits in much better with Blight and 15+ cost Commanders and other expensive units though. You don't generally want your strategy to require selling units to buy Era, only do that in times of desperation, not as a general deck strategy.

- Uncontested Healing
- Occasional Attack

For the most part, Viath is the only unit who will usually post a significant threat to Era. Unless you notice something that is about to be a threat to Era, you generally want Era at or near the top of your back row. Even if the enemy uses back row arrow or fireball, Era will just heal them before they move next turn.

Use cheap frail units like Ob and Diug in the top few slots to move Era around without giving up her maximum healing potential. Place her lower in rare situations where she's being heavily targeted by Wound. Remember to put Era directly above high priority units so that multi-arrow doesn't prevent them from acting.

Of course, 14 attack is nothing to sneeze at either. Always try to put Era in places in the front row that you think least likely to get wounded, as that's always a terrible blow. However, if you're using Era in your final blow against your opponent, maybe place Era in the top of the front row, since as long as she acts before being knocked out (and you win that turn), it doesn't matter if she gets wounded.

Xyn's Buyer Recommendation:
- Definitely Buy

Era is a ridiculously important unit. Even if you don't intend to use wood decks immediately, Era can be a great unit to have, because once you start using Wood, you'll definitely want one. The luck of the draw of Ultra Rares means that you could get unlucky and get every other UR before you get even your first Era, so this is a big opportunity to snag one.

Now 1200 gems is a pretty large amount, so I'm not sure I'd suggest getting two. Two Era can be useful, but it's not nearly as important as having at least one, and there will be plenty of decks that would only use one Era even if you have two.

So definitely pick up at least one of these if you can. If you don't have enough gems, I'd strongly consider purchasing some to get Era. It's a really useful unit.
era is way to OP for selling it in daily sales.
it definitely need a bit tweak. less defence maybe.
Two eras in deck will make wound/arrow decks useless.

just my two cents.

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