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Xyn's Daily Unit Review
A bit late on this one, but fortunately it's an advanced enough unit that anyone who should buy it probably already knows if they want to buy it or not.

[Image: zTp4owg.jpg]

= Mirault =

- Low to High

Mirault is tricky, In any straightforward Crystal deck, he's really not worth the trouble. He can potentially screw up your first turn draw, leaving you cripplingly far behind later in the match, and his 3 attack power just isn't quite worth the risk.

However, in several more complex decks, he can be key. He's cheap, he starts out wounded, and he's a vampire. Now, while the first two of those things can be major disadvantages in most decks, in the right deck all three can be huge advantages.

- Absorbing Wound and Blocking Honor
- Selling for 1 Crystal
- Cheap Attack
- Boosting Other Units

Ironically, because he's not usually worth using in most ordinary decks, most of your tactics won't involve using his Attack. A lot of your time with Mirault may end up getting spent shuffling him around while you wait for whatever scenario you put him into the deck in the first place is ready to go. Advantages of Mirault being cheap, not being frail, and starting wounded include:

a) Absorbing Wound. Who cares if a wounded unit gets wounded again? Remember to put him in the 2nd position or lower if you are expecting multi-wound, as it's better for another unit to be wounded yet still move first than get wounded from above and blocked from moving. Beward Knockout and Reaper though, although at least if Mirault gets knocked out, it's not a big investment loss.

b) Pushing your front line longer. Similar to with wounding, you can also use a Mirault to lengthen your front row, to block units with Rampage from triggering. Be sure to switch from the front to the back row to avoid Bolt, or vice versa with Tax.

c) Blocking Honor. Of course since he starts out Wounded, and you may or may not choose to heal him, you can try and place Mirault in front of units like Kobe and Arthur, so that their Honor fails to go off.

Of course a lot of times, you don't really need Mirault at the moment. If he's still wounded and has nothing to do, and you could hire some unit if only you had 1 more Crystal, sell Mirault. At least you get back everything you spent on him.

If you really must use him for his attack, at least he is a decent deal. If you can hire Mirault as well as a unit with Drain or Paladin on the same turn, it can be nice to get 3 attack right away.

But Mirault's biggest draw is using him with specific other units. I'll go into that a little in the next section.

Deck Building Strategy:
- Burnout/Revenge/Shadebeast
- Blood Rage

You can combine Mirault with Drain units for some quick, cheap attack, but it's not really worth it. Additionally, you can use Mirault in Matriarch decks to pull Vampires out (Ob turns into Mirault, Mirault can then be matriarched into whatever other vampire). But in general, those aren't usually successful uses of Mirault.

The first use is a bit weaker, but still potentially viable. Revenge decks require that you have wounded units in your front row, so Mirault can provide a guaranteed way to supply wounded units. In general, Mirault still disrupts your early game too much, and it's generally better if a unit has Burnout instead of starting Dormant/Wounded. If they have Burnout, then you can keep healing them and having them burn out/wound themselves again each turn, and additionally, a Burnout unit can actually do some attack first each turn before wounding themselves. Still, Mirault can potentially work in a pinch.

The main current use of Mirault is, unfortunately, overpowered. Blood Rage is an ability that knocks out a number of back row friendly units below the blood rage unit, and for each unit knocked out, +1 Attack (or +1 Rampage, or +1 Fox/Dog?Wolf Pack) is added to every front row unit who has an appropriate type of Attack. Obviously this makes 0 cost units ideal, however you get +2 attack per every sacrificed unit who shares a type with the Blood Rage unit. Since both Blood Rage units (Celina and Vyro's) are Vampires, Mirault provides a very cheap and easy way to maximize the Blood Rage buff power.

Hopefully Blood Rage (or maybe just Vyros?) will receive some kind of tweak/nerf soon, because at the moment this combo can be unstoppable to 90%+ of top level decks. It can take quite a bit of work to perfect the deck, but once it's optimized it's just too powerful to be balanced.

Buyer's guide:
- Don't buy unless you know exactly what you are doing.

Most of the time, Mirault will just be a bit of a lame duck that will slow your deck down for little in return. But there are times where he shines. Don't bother getting a Mirault unless you already have units like Vyro's/Celina/Shadebeast/Sliver to use with him, and even then, make sure you understand what value Mirault will or won't add to your deck before purchasing him.

If you already have the other necessary units to make a good deck with Mirault and he's the only unit you are missing, 250 gems is probably worth the price. Just keep in mind that if Blood Rage and/or Vyros get nerfed in the near future, one of Mirault's primary uses may get drastically marginalized. He'll still be useful in strange and exotic decks though, so I don't think he'll end up being a bad unit to have in your collection, just don't expect him to be winning most of your games for you like he can currently do with Blood Rage.
[Image: mV815DU.jpg]

= Syl =

- Low to Moderate

Syl can be useful for helping bring out expensive units, but in general she won't fit into a well honed deck.

Deck Building Strategy:
- If your plan is to use Syl to bring out expensive units, you probably don't want to be weighing down your deck too much with other expensive producers. Stick more to units like Harden and Johnn if you can.

Obviously you're also going to want some expensive units to hire. I'd go more for Cliff and Spike. Arthur in the front row is dangerous, because if you decide to put Syl in the front row, that's a lot of units with Honor that could fail to go off.

- Windfall
- Honor

The main draw is Windfall. In general, you want to keep Syl away from any wounders so that you don't lose your investment. However this can conflict with the other main draw.

9 honor on an 8 cost unit is a pretty good deal on a unit who you can sell for 8 gold. Just make sure there is an unwounded unit in front of Syl so you aren't risking Syl for no reason. Move Syl to some safer spot the moment you think a wounder is about to come out.

Xyn's Buyer Recommendation:
- Don't Buy

Syl is a character in conflict. 8 Windfall by itself just doesn't generally work well enough with Gold decks to be worth it. On the other hand, the 9 Honor can make up for this, but it puts your Windfall investment in great danger.

Syl can be used to good effect, but I can only recommend trying her if you already happen to have her. 250 gems is just too much to spend on a unit who doesn't have a strong purpose.
If you're going to make a screenshot of each unit. I'd suggest you make a 1 unit army in the matrix & use that image instead, like I have in my guide. That way they'll update as the matrix updates.
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I was considering doing that, but I didn't want to bloat my decks list up on the matrix with an ever growing list of units. But I suppose you're right about the value of it updating though, I hadn't considered that at the time.

I may still stick to screenshots, because if a unit gets changed, parts of my review may become invalidated. Even without a unit being changed, updates and changes to the metagame can have a drastic impact on the unit. I'm kind of thinking of these as snapshots of the units. Most valid on the day they are released, and maybe still somewhat valid in the future.

If a unit comes up again, I may post a new review for it if it's warranted, or link back to my old review if it's still valid.

Who knows, maybe I'll do both a screen cap as well as a matrix link Tongue

BTW, if anyone has any additional thoughts on any reviewed units, or disagrees with my assessment, I welcome additional input. It can't do anything but help broaden peoples perspectives on the unit.
Xyn - it's pretty incredible how similar our opinions are on these units. I keep waiting to see a disagreement, but nope.
Nice Smile

I'll just assume I'm doing a decent job whenever I don't hear descenting opinions.
[Image: 1pp2Ybq.jpg] [Image: pdeck-501a49eb5b6759b3f72872d53cceb523.png]

= Impe =

- Moderate to High

Impe is a good little unit. He costs 4 Crystal, and 4 is my favorite resource cost for any unit that isn't a producer.

Impe is like a slightly less versatile, but slightly more powerful version of another unit I like a lot, Durant. Costing 4 resources instead of 3 doesn't really hurt Impe most of the time though, and the extra healing can really come in handy.

Deck Building Strategy:
- Disruption

I can't really recommend building a deck around Impe, especially not around the healing from his Drain. It's a cool little gimmick that Vampires have to heal their Dormant status with Drain on the same turn they come out, but there are just too many ways for it too go wrong (back row defense, no enemy units in the back row, the enemy unit is already wounded, or in rare situations it may even glitch and fail to heal when it's otherwise supposed to (this may be fixed now?)).

It's usually better to put Impe in a deck for his wounding, and use the healing from Drain as a bonus. Impe is well worth 4 crystals and a slot in your deck merely for the disruption. Don't rely on him for your healing, but 1 Ino and 1 Impe can go a surprisingly long way towards taking care of your healing needs against a lot of decks.

Basically, if you can fit an Impe into your Crystal deck, put him in. If your deck is already getting too large, cut him if his disruption isn't a key part of your strategy.

- Wounding
- Healing

As I said before, your main goal should be disruption by wounding the enemy, but that being said, your tactics should always try to make the most of Drain's healing if you can.

Of course a lot of the time you want to aim for the top spot, but change it up as much as you can to avoid being predictable. Usually, the lower you place Impe, the higher chances that he'll hit your opponents most valuable back row unit (assuming you don't overshoot their last unit and fire into an empty spot).

To maximize your use of Drain's healing potential, remember that Wounded units don't give a heal, however Frail units will heal you just fine. Try to place Impe to move before any wounded front or back row units that you have, so that hopefully they will be healed and move that turn.

Finally, don't miss out on Impe's back row. It won't prevent any units from moving, but if your opponent has a unit with Defense + Heal in the top of their back row, Impe's back row Drain can potentially screw up their next turn, or at the very least help you try to overwhelm their healing next turn.

Xyn's Buyer Recommendation:
- Buy one if you have no Impe's and you have enough other units to play a Crystal deck.

90 gems is a decent deal for an Impe. If you're ready to play with a Crystal deck and you don't have an Impe, you should probably get one. He may not end up being the right fit for your deck, or he may end up tying it all together. He's the kind of unit that you always want to have as an option when building a deck. 2 Impe can be good, but I don't know if it's worth spending 90 gems if you already have 1 Impe (or 180 gems for 2 if you have none).
To expand on Xyn's assessment, Impe pairs well with Dalint, as Dalint comes out wounded.

He also works well with Celina as a Blood Rage sacrifice. He doesn't potentially ruin a turn 1 draw like Mirault can, disrupts while you're building your deck up, and then gets used in the end game to feed Celina's blood rage. Two Impes (one front, one back) can be used to break down a one shield back row unit, and an Impe and a Drake can be used to break down a two shield back row unit. Crystal doesn't really have back row to back row wounding other than fireball, so Impe can come in pretty handy.

On turn 2, if I have a choice between buying Impe or a 2 crystal resource unit, I'll pick Impe. However, I'll go with two 2 crystal generating units over an Impe.
Thanks for the addition Monkeh. I never know how long to make these and it was already starting to get large. But those are some important bits of information.

[Image: pdeck-329b9ec6b8f3ec3628ee11475f0e6a6b.png]

= Harum =

- Very Low to Very High

Harum costs 1 Gold and produces no Gold, which means there's a very good chance he will ruin your first turn and, by extension your chances of winning the match. More over, in most decks he doesn't do anything really all that useful. Ordinarily he's deck poison. However...

In a Barbarian deck (more specifically a Barbarian Rush deck), he can be amazing. He can do up to 5 attack when buffed by 2 Driaga, which is a fantastic deal for his cost.

Deck Building Strategy:
- Barb Rush, Barb Rush, Barb Rush

Barbarian rushes are the only use for Harum, and he is great for that role. There are slower types of Barbarian deck you can do as well, but you don't want to use a unit like Harum in those.

14 (maybe 15) units max in a barb rush. You need at least one Driaga, although two can't hurt. You also really want 2 Rucke's, and maybe 2 Scrappers. I don't usually like Stag for a pure Barb Rush, but if you only have 1 Driaga, a Stag can help round things out. Consider making a cheap Barbarian Commander (no more than 4 cost, which means no more than 3 cost + Barbarian type which costs 1) who has at least 1 point of Rampage (I like 2 Attack 2 Rampage in front, 2 gold 2 recruit in back).

You don't need a lot of Gold production in a Rush deck. I wouldn't use more than a couple Harden's as your main economy. Also, you may consider adding Hiro to your deck if you have any, as he can be hired on the first turn along side Harum, and he can push your front row downwards while producing Gold, to help any Rampage units to have a clear spot in front of them.

- Buffed Attack
- Recruit and Stuff

Your primary use of Harum is of course to be buffed by 1 or 2 back row Driaga. This means that you don't even need to hire him until you already have Driaga out. Of course, since he's cheap, you may end up hiring him sooner.

A lot of the time you'll probably want him in the back row. His 1 recruit can actually come in handy getting your rush out in an orderly manner. If you ever need 1 more gold, he should probably be the first unit you sell most of the time (unless you have no more need for a Gold Producer unit and want to sell them instead).

Finally, remember to place Harum in smart places. Generally, you just want him near the top, so that your rampage can go off at the bottom. If a unit has to get wounded (front or back row), try to make sure it's Harum, since he's so easy to purchase and will never be your most important unit on the field.

Xyn's Buyer Recommendation:
- Don't buy. Unless...
- You have a Driaga or 2 already, in which case BUY! Buy 2 if you need them.

There really is no use for Harum in most decks. He's common, so you'll get him soon enough anyways. 20 gems for 1 or 40 gems for 2 isn't a crazy amount, but they are better saved for other packs.


If you already happen to have 1 or 2 Driaga, yet are still missing 1 or 2 Harum, you should DEFINITELY BUY. 20/40 gems is well worth it. Hopefully you have a couple RUcke's as well, and maybe a Scrapper or 2.
just wanted to say I'm really enjoying reading your guides, and I'm sure this will be useful info for new players.
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