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Xyn's Daily Unit Review
Every day that I'm able, I plan to post a quick review of the unit of the day.

Kicking it off:

= Flyt =

Flyt is a great little unit. He's not the most useful in most wood decks, but if you build a deck around his speed, he can be a real terror.

Put him in a deck alongside Ozzle, Ob, Kil and Diug for an explosive early economy and 14 attack for only 6 wood.

At a cost of 90 gems, I'd highly recommend getting two if you don't have any already.
(01-05-2015, 10:43 AM)Xyn Wrote: Every day that I'm able, I plan to post a quick review of the unit of the day.

Kicking it off:

= Flyt =

Flyt is a great little unit. He's not the most useful in most wood decks, but if you build a deck around his speed, he can be a real terror.

Put him in a deck alongside Ozzle, Ob, Kil and Diug for an explosive early economy and 14 attack for only 6 wood.

At a cost of 90 gems, I'd highly recommend getting two if you don't have any already.

Daily, eh? Quite a commitment!

I'd agree about flyt. I have two of them in my best deck, and they're easy to use as a beginner.
Well, I did give myself an out by saying "[when] I'm able." Wink

= Eder =

The less I say about Steal, the better. But on the topic at hand, I will say that Eder is a unit that I never use anymore.

Eder's uses are niche, and even in those niches, he doesn't excel. Gage and Berna are usually much better choices for similar roles.

At 250 gems, I can't recommend getting Eder. Who knows, perhaps he'll eventually get some kind of a buff in the future, but if you don't have one or two Eder at the moment, I'd hold off and just wait until you get them randomly. Lacking Eder will not prevent you from building any top tier decks. For 200 gems you can get a Crystal pack with 2 random Rares, either (or both) of which may be better than Eder, or maybe one will be an Eder and you'll have saved 50 gems.
Awesome idea. Now that the feature seems to be tested and proven to be an overall positive, I'll start promoting the really good units of the day on social media.
Founder, Lead Designer on Hero Generations
= Ansel =

Like Flyt is to Foxpack, Ansel is the main - of Dogpack decks. 3 pack for 6 wood is a good deal. Pair him with Gumil for some much needed defense. More over, Ansel has 5 Protect in back, allowing him to turn a Gumil into a Spike wall.

Ansel isn't quite as deadly as Flyt can be, but he's still a very good unit in the right deck. His price range and supporting units (Gumil, Slog) make Ansel work better in more wood decks.

If you have 2 Slog, 2 gumil, and maybe a Blight or two, I'd highly recommended getting 2 Ansel. Otherwise, maybe hold off until you've got more of the right units to support a good dogpack deck.
= Yuolen =

Yuolen is a decent unit in that he is a cheap Skeleton, yet can have both his Attack and Defense buffed by Ashara's back row. However, the fact that he costs 2 crystal and doesn't produce any resources can make him a bit of a liability, slowing your deck down if you fail to draw any producers on T1 because of him.

He's a Common, so he only costs 20 gems. But on the other hand, unless you have a couple of Ashara already and somehow don't have Yuolen yet, there probably isn't much point to having one. If you do get Ashara later and missed your opportunity to purchase this unit, it surely won't take you very long to find/buy/craft every Common in the game. So buy it if you have Ashara's already and are ready to use Yuolen right away, but otherwise I'd skip him.

When building a deck with Yuolen, remember that his advantage is his cheapness, and therefore his speed. Avoid combining Yuolen with expensive Skeletons like Jimein. If you want a heavier hitting Skeleton deck, it would be a better idea to skip Yuolen entirely, since he can hurt your economy, which is disastrous in slower, heavier hitting decks.

With 2 Ashara in your back row, Yuolen has 3 Attack and 3 Defense, effectively turning him into Grom at a third of the price. Try to place him accordingly, to block Wound attempts on any Skeletons of yours that have no Defense, and to try and absorb any enemy Attack that you can.

Yuolen isn't bad, but he's borderline becoming outclassed in the meta game. He's useless without Ashara, and almost not worth including in a Skeleton deck even with Ashara.
I'd agree with Xyn once again. I used Yuolen in an effective blood rage deck as a cheap recruiter in early game and a good blocker in front once I got a wolf pack out with Greys and Asharas later on.

His skeleton status makes him unappealing for new players (too expensive to be worth it unless you have Ashara) and very situational for other players. Maybe a back of 1 recruit and 1 crystal would be better for both experienced and inexperienced players.
Yeah, 1 Crystal 1 Recruit would definitely be good. Or even just a flat 1 Crystal without any recruit. It would kind of turn him into Crystal's version of Ramm.

I understand the reasoning for him not having had 1 Crystal originally. Ashara is cheaper, like Driaga instead of Arthur, so the idea was not to help them be any easier to rush out. But Skeletons don't have Rampage units like Barbarians do, and Ashara's +1 Defense buff doesn't help you rush out Attack as quickly either. I believe 1 Crystal on Yuolen's back row would be balanced.

Anyhow, on today's unit:

= Teak =

Right off the bat, let me say something quickly about Ultra Rares for individual purchase. They are very expensive, so my general advice would be to skip them. You can get 3 Core packs for the same price, which is 3 Ultra Rares, 6 Rares, and a bunch of other commons and uncommons as well (commons/uncommons who you either may not have, or could use for crafting). Especially if you are just starting out, it's a much better idea to save your gems for Core packs rather than spend so many gems on a single unit.

But there are some exceptions:
- You already have most of the Ultra Rares in the game, to the point where your odds of getting that specific UR are actually better with direct purchase (Also taking into account that extra duplicate UR's from Core packs can be used to craft Legendary units)
- You have a really good deck already, but it would benefit drastically from getting that one specific UR (getting a 2nd Arthur for example)
- It's such an amazingly good UR unit that it's worth the high price just to get your hands on it

So with that said, my review of Teak.

Teak is a very good unit, although he's not so good that I'd recommend buying him haphazardly. He has a lot of potential in several different decks, but he won't improve most decks merely by including him. He's a unit who requires some finesse in deck building to get his maximum potential.

His primary use is as a rush unit. He is a little expensive for rushing, but with Wood's explosive early game economy and 5 wood for 7 guaranteed damage being a great deal, he's worth it. Combine with a unit like Ozzle, and you have 8 Attack (3 city damage if unopposed) for an amazing price. Combine Teak with a Kil to heal him each turn for cheap, or if you'd prefer in the early game, you can throw your Kil in front to produce resources, allow Teak to stay wounded at the end of the turn, and then sell Teak for 3 more wood to help buy even better units next turn.

Other fun uses for Teak include using his nearly guaranteed burnout to power a Revenge deck, either using a Wood Revenge unit like Grove, or using Transform, Matriarch, or hybrid cities to bring in units like Shadebeast and/or Sliver.

Teak can even be thrown into slower decks like Blight decks, as a way to rush out some cheap but powerful early Attack, either to throw off your opponents economy by forcing them to try to bring forward their own units to counter attack, or to help you survive against an enemy rush long enough to bring your heavy units out.

Teak is a high level and effective unit, but there are too many decks where he will be more of a hindrance than a help.

If you already have some good units to combine with Teak, such as Flyt and Ozzle, Kil, Grove, Shadebeast, Sliver, or especially even just one Teak already, Teak may be worth considering for purchase. Two Teak's are usually better than one, although a single one can be useful by itself in slower decks.

In general I'd say skip buying Teak. He's a great unit, but unless you REALLY want/need him right now, he's probably a little too specialized to spend 1200 gems on him. I love Teak, but you can neither build a deck supported entirely by him (like Arthur or Blight) nor can you throw him into a majority of your decks to improve them (like Rune or Drake).

Sorry if this one was a bit long and rambly. Maybe later I'll work out some formatting for these reviews to improve their layout.
= Anton =

- Low

Anton isn't underpowered, but he lacks a major strength of any kind. Flourish can be good, but there are usually better things to do with Wounded units (like knocking them out). His front row value is decent, but Grom is a better unit, since Grom has a better back row and can buff Vago.

Deck Building Strategy:
- Front Defense
- Flourish (needs Wounder units)
- Vanguard Deck (however Vanguard Decks aren't good)

If your deck needs front Defense, Anton isn't a bad option. Not the best option, but 3 Defense is always handy.

Obviously you'll probably want to use some Wounding if you're going to bother using Anton over Grom. Spike and Rune are always good options, but I like Illian, or better yet an Attack + Wound Commander, to penetrate Defense and make sure that Anton's Flourish triggers.

Anton is also a Vanguard, which means he can buff Tally's front row attack, however Tally is a Legendary, so if you don't already have one you shouldn't hold your breath on getting one. By the time you have a Tally, odds are good you will already have all of the Uncommons anyways. More over, Tally's Vanguard boosted attack isn't the most effective strategy anyways, so it's probably better to stick to using Anton mainly for his Defense, and secondarily for his Flourish.

- Spike Wall
- Pinch Recruiter

Obviously your main use of Anton will be as a Spike shield. In general, never put him in the top slot, always in the 2nd slot or lower.

Anton's back row does offer a lot of recruit, so swap him in back if you have a bigger deck (16+ units) and you really need some specific units next turn. In general though, his back row isn't amazing, and he should be bought only when you need him in the front row if you can help it.

Buyers guide:
- Don't buy

90 gems isn't an insane price, but Anton just doesn't offer enough to be worth singling him out for individual purchase. I'd recommend waiting until you randomly get an Anton or two before worrying about trying him out for yourself. I don't think any deck will suffer significantly from lacking an Anton, although if you only have 1 Grom I suppose 1 Anton could help round out your front row Defense, but I don't think 90 gems is worth that temporary band-aid solution.
= Jonas =

I figure you all know who he is. I intend to start including pictures or Highgrounds Matrix visuals for the units in these posts, but since it's Jonas who everyone has, maybe I'll start with that tomorrow.

- Moderate to high

He's not as good as Horus, but for most economy purposes he's almost as good. Definitely a staple of almost any non-rush gold deck if you have nor Horus (which is a campaign reward now, but still, you probably want at least 2 Horus or 1 Horus 1 Jonas in a lot of decks).

Deck Building Strategy:
- Mid level economy

Jonas front row is rarely important. You want him for his economy, and he does a fine job. Additionally, if you pair him with Horus, he can get the Farmer buff.

- Economy

Leave him back row almost exclusively. 1 wound is almost never wroth bringing him front row. Only bring him, front row if you have no need for +4 gold next turn and really want to try and wound someone a little. If you have a Horus, only put Horus in the front row if you have at least 4 or more Farmers in the back row (or unless you REALLY need his 4 attack in front).

Buyers guide:
- Maybe buy if you have no Horus and only one Jonas. Maybe not.

If you already have 1 Horus and 1 Jonas (or 2 Horus), there really isn't a lot of point to having another Jonas. The situations where you would need more than two 4 Gold producers is pretty rare. But if a single Jonas is your only 4 gold producer, and you have a deck that has some expensive units like a 12+ cost Commander, some Arthur's, Cliff's and/or Spikes, another Jonas is probably worth having. Maybe not though. 250 gems is a bit to drop, and as long as you have 2 John 2 Harden and at least 1 Jonas (or 1 Jonas 1 Horus, as all new players have), he's probably not worth the cost.

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