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List of Major Reproduceable Bugs
What this thread is for:
- In the first post, I will list major bugs and link to a post in the thread that describes the bug in detail
- The posts in this thread are for discussing major bugs that can be reproduced, as well as posting detailed descriptions that I can link to in the first post
- I will include a list for current bugs as well as a list for resolved bugs as they are confirmed fixed

This thread is not for:
- Minor bugs that don't impact gameplay (such as graphical bugs)
- Bugs that you can't reproduce reliably (if you think you can reproduce them but don't have it confirmed yet, you can discuss it here)
- Balance issues (Eezic being OMGQTFBBQ Overpowered is not a "bug" per say)

Remember that you can always create your own thread here in the bug report forum, whether you can reproduce the bug or not, or whether it's a major or minor bug. This thread is just intended to collect all of the biggest, most important bugs that have a reliable way to be reproduced.

Confirmed Bugs:
- Top row Snipe does not get blocked by Defense (possible desynch)
- Protect blocks top row Snipe (desynch)

Resolved Bugs:
Top row Snipe does not get blocked by Defense (possible desynch)

- No matter how much Defense an opponent's unit has in the top front row, if a player places a Snipe unit in their own top back row it will (almost) always wound the opposing unit
- No desynch bugs happen directly because of this bug, but additional bugs in this situation can cause desynch bugs, such as with Protect or possibly with buffs like Ashara's Skeleking
- These desynch bug scenarios also create the rare situations where this bug won't succeed in wounding the unit, but since it only fails for one player, the desynch occurs
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Protect blocks top row Snipe (desynch)

If one player places a unit with Snipe in the top of their back row, while their opponent places a unit with Protect at the top of their back row, the Snipe will be blocked.

- This happens regardless of if the opponent's front row unit has Defense or not. A unit without any Defense still will NOT be wounded
- This is a desynch bug. The player using Snipe will see the unit fail to be wounded. The unit using Protect will still see their unit get wounded
- This only happens if the Snipe unit is in the top row. At other positions, top row Protect succeeds or fails appropriately, depending on if the unit in front of them has Defense or not.
- This seems to be a slightly different bug than the normal top row Snipe bug, although the two may be linked somehow.
- I have not yet confirmed for certain that buff's like Ashara's Skeleking buff that boost Defense work in the same way, but from past experience I believe they do cause the same problem as Protect (including causing a Desynch)
Drain still doesn't always heal when hitting unwounded units. Not reliably reproducible.

Frail does not work if the Frail unit is acting at the same time as the unit wounding it AND the Frail is not listed on the unit's current side (e.g. Back Frail when the unit is in Front).

Snipe doesn't trigger Toxic.

When Transform abilities (Transform, Matriarch, Reanimate) look through the discard pile, they look through it in deck order.

Caylish and Gaeis grant their no-wound ability even if they themselves are wounded. (Yes, even if they start the turn wounded.)
We should work on figuring out a way to reproduce the Drain bug. If we can get just one situation where it reliably happens and one situation where it reliably doesn't it could be a big help in narrowing it down.

I'll make a detailed post about Frail soon, to link to in this thread (if somebody doesn't beat me to it). Same for Snipe, although I want to make sure to get any details right before posting that one.

The Transform voodoo one is going to be a fun one to write out the details of. It effects Matriarch as well, correct? And presumably, by extension, Eezic/Reanimate.

The Caylish/Gaeis one should be a pretty simple write up, with the caveat that it only applies to Gaeis when the Frail bug keeps him alive while wounded. I guess posting the Frail bug first makes sense in this case.

For the specific posts detailing bugs, I don't care if the formatting is different than the ones already posted, as long as they are clear, detailed, and are limited to a single bug if possible. Just so that it's easy to link to a specific post explaining exactly what's going on and how to reproduce it. I'll get around to making the posts as I'm able to, but some of them I'll have to do a bit of leg work to reconfirm that they are active bugs and how to reproduce them. So again, if anybody beats me to it, have at it.
Sometimes Live Search gets stuck, and you will "Searching..." forever, but the server will not actually be trying to match you up.

Reproduction (maybe): If two people are matched with each other by the server, and one of them stops the search before the game actually starts (does not actually need to KNOW that they're matched), the other will be left searching forever.

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