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Eezic is broken
So I'm not the best player in the world, but I'm not terrible. I win more than I lose, overall. But I cannot beat an Eezic deck. If I see Mirault come out in the first couple of turns, I know I have lost. I might as well resign. Eezic always wins. Only Lanir comes anywhere close to this level of brokenness. But I can beat Lanir decks. I can never beat an Eezic deck, and there is no other card in the game that this is true of.

And people use him all the time.

With Eezic, two Jimeins, maybe an insane Skeleton commander, a couple of Miraults, you're pretty much good to go.

Devs, please nerf Eezic.
I agree.
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What would you suggest to make it more balanced, yet still fun?
+7 to cost, not 15
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What would +7 do? Mirault -- Aethon?
(09-02-2015, 09:46 AM)Raijinili Wrote: What would +7 do? Mirault -- Aethon?

Not even. It could do drake -- Jimein,

Actually, with +8 instead, you could Striker -- Atheon -- Covar Big Grin
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But Aethon is not a skeleton? And neither is Covar?

Making him +7 seems alright I guess. Would make it hard to get out a Jimein, but I suppose that's the point.
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Well, what cards can't be transformed into, and what can? Basically, what would small changes to the + do to allowable combinations?

Also, lol oh yeah Aethon isn't a skeleton. Here are the allowed units:
- Yuolen (2)
- Ino (3)
- Rhyne (4)
- Deimor (5)
- Craun (5)
- Rasp (6)
- Grey (6)
- Sawth (7)
- Drake (7)
- Jimein (14)
- Commander (*)

Dormant Crystal units:
- Mirault (1). Can transform into Drake with +6.
- Dalint (6). Can transform into Jimein with +8.

Cheap Burnout:
- Striker (3). Can transform into Drake with +4, Jimein with +11.

- Skeleton has only a few expensive units which are generally useful.
- The best way to use Eezic is to not have skeletons. This is due to the whole type-transform mechanic being broken (read: unbalanced).

If Eezic is supposed to help Skeletons, he needs to start over. Maybe Eezic can transform a wounded skeleton with a bigger bonus than normal. Or make his ability to turn a wounded unit into a skeleton of the same cost, or a wounded or unwounded skeleton into a bigger one. Remember that he acts before the front, that he transforms two units, and that Matriarch is stupid and shouldn't be a basis of anything for balance D:.

Edit: Riftskipper, Aethon -- Covar is using Transform, and it's to get both Aethon's 11 attack and Covar's Siege.
Making Eezic not act at the beginning of the round but during his normal turn would be good, as would having it be +7.
Would that make him useless?

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