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Highgrounds Unit Database
The latest changes are looking great. The only confusing part at this point (even for me who has some knowledge of the cities) is remembering what resources a city filters by. I wonder if there are better ways to get the same result? Some quick ideas:

-Add resource icons on the existing buttons (left-align the text to make room for the icons on the right side).
-Make the buttons be a "radio button" style control - only one cities can be selected at a time. You can make an "All" button at the top as a default.

-Make 3 resource filter buttons for Gold, Crystal, and Wood.
-Show a text list on the left side that says "Supported Cities:" and then a list of the cities by name.
-Polish: use the above 3 resource filter button method and cities view, but show the supported cities as small cards in the sidebar with their full stats, and hide/show them depending on the filters chosen.

Looking forward to finding a spot on the game page and in-game to show this off when you're ready.
Founder, Lead Designer on Hero Generations
I would like to start off by thanking graebeard and others for making this resource available. Having said that, I find two significant issues with the unit database.

First off, it is quite difficult to ascertain which card set a unit belongs to, unless I happen to have the last member of a given set and the first member of the next set.

Secondly, as far as I can tell there is no way to search for 0 cost units.
Another issue... Any chance of filtering by number of units? Or at least, missing ones?
grae (and all contributors): thank you thank you thank you. i haven't been on forums lately and i just found out about this (now to spend 10,000 stockpiled gems!)

my question (a very stupid one i'm sure) is how/where the site is saving my info. if i delete my browser's cookies, am i going to lose my data?
FYI I have added a link to Grae's unit database site in the footer of While no game update is imminent, eventually i'd like to link to it directly from within the deck editor as well.

Thanks again Grae for putting this site together.
Founder, Lead Designer on Hero Generations
Hey Cecilt, it uses your browser's localStorage. I believe some browsers do and some browsers don't clear localStorage when you clear your cookies. Not 100% sure.

Scott, thanks for the link! Glad it it's been useful. My original plan was to build it using jQuery (which I know) and then refactor it into React components (which I'd like to learn). Haven't had time to do the second part, though, so not much has updated since I got most of the functionality there.

This *is* very much an open source thing, though, and if anyone is interested in seeing new features or functionality I would be happy to review a pull request on GitHub:

Also, just noticed I was 3 days late in renewing my domain. Back up now Tongue

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