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Highgrounds Unit Database
Please make comments about my proposed syntax. Wrote:Proposed properties for the syntax:

- Space-delimited.
- Quotation marks to quote terms (e.g. "1 Gold"). (Is this needed?)
- Parentheses to group.
- ? Logic: & (and), | (or), - (not).
- Can search properties of the card using colon. For example, "gold:5" for Gold Cost.
- Comparison operators for numerical values. For example, "gold:<5".
- Use comparison without the colon for comparing abilities. For example, "gold>5" for "produces at least 5 gold".
- Front and back qualifiers.
- ? Prefix matching for ability searches. For example, "a:g=4" can search for all cards with an ability starting with the letter G with value at least 5. (Make sure that special abilities don't get their value searched.)

Proposed keywords:

- name, n
- type, t - Maybe allow something like tConfusedoldier,veteran. Or tConfusedoldier&veteran? Or t:fox|thi (for both fox and thief).
- ability, a
- front, f - e.g. "front:attack", "front:attack>5". Uses the same things as "a:", but restricts the search to front/back.
- back, b
- gold, g
- crystal, c
- wood, w
- cost, total, totalcost, tc - total cost

Assumes that &|-:"<=-, will never be used in in-game names.
Extra lol at your worried looking soldiers.
T-they're just confused!
(09-01-2015, 04:14 AM)Raijinili Wrote: T-they're just confused!

Self proclaimed Highlord of Highgrounds

I dare you to say my name properly!
Starting to grab and post unit images. First 50-ish are live. Will be working on the others as time permits. Wish I were more of a photoshop user :/

Caveat: I'm loading the placeholder image where a unit image doesn't exist yet, so if you're digging around in the console you'll notice 200-ish console errors Big Grin
Pushed another batch of sprites (down to 140 console errors!).

Also, because I'm a fanatic about not ever using my mouse if I can get away with it, made the page focus on the search bar on page load completion.
Hey, the unit sprites are looking great! I just realized that the other day I was looking at the crafting screen not the deck building screen, thinking that the rarity icon would cover up part of the view of the unit. Oops.

Yeah, this is really looking good. I think I prefer them in this context without a circle or whatever behind them. Very nice, and seemingly efficient.
(09-03-2015, 02:21 AM)Graebeard Wrote: Also, because I'm a fanatic about not ever using my mouse if I can get away with it, made the page focus on the search bar on page load completion.
I am me and I support this message.
Looking great!

"Kate / Scott, sounds like it's time to figure out your sprite sheet!"

^^ what was this in reference to? I don't think any of my (totally low priority) suggestions required that, so let me know if you were confused.
Founder, Lead Designer on Hero Generations
Ah, it was for the resource icons. I could split them into separate png's off of the iconSheet.png, but it seems like a much better idea to just load that sheet and properly digest the icons.

I've been lazily hoping someone else might volunteer to do that >_>

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