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Highgrounds Unit Database
You can use cities to filter units?

Grae, I would recommend creating the HTML node for each unit, and storing them in an array, rather than generating the HTML every time there's a change. This should save a bunch on CPU cost.
@Raij: Indeed, that's inefficient. I don't particularly care right now, though, as I'll be substantially refactoring once I have all the functionality in place.
Hey all, just pushed a big update to the unit database with last night's work on filtering by city and today's work noodling with images and css. Things look much better now, particularly on bigger screens. Sub-500px resolution is still... problematic. Mobile-first design fail XD

Would love to know if you have any usability concerns: Can you read everything? Is the text size & contrast ok? Does anything hurt your eyes or not work the way you expect?
The only issue I can think of with how it is is how the sorting works. The fact that clicking on a tab makes it disappear is a little weird (at least for me). I'd say either make it so selecting a tab selects those units, or start the page with all of them unselected. Otherwise it looks great!
Search is live! I'm having, um, fun, figuring out how to handle multiple search criteria at the same time.

Play around with the search, I'd love to know how its behavior lines up with your expectations. What does it not do that you expect or want it to do?
(08-30-2015, 06:32 PM)Graebeard Wrote: Search is live!  I'm having, um, fun, figuring out how to handle multiple search criteria at the same time.

Play around with the search, I'd love to know how its behavior lines up with your expectations.  What does it not do that you expect or want it to do?

Search function is great!! I like how you can use it for types as well as abilities, or just individual units. Nicely done!
Just pushed improvements to the search functionality.

Now you can:
  • Search by multiple, comma separated criteria.  For example, searching for "knight, wood" brings up Charlie and searching "skeleton, wolf" brings up Grey.

  • Specify specific fields to search by prepending "!name", "!type", "!cost", "!rarity", or "!action".  For example, searching for "!cost 3 gold" will bring up all 20 units with costs that include 3 gold, and searching for "!action 2 gold" will bring up everyone that produces 2 gold.

I'd love to know where people get confused, and if there's any kind of searching or filtering you'd like to do that this doesn't support.
The city filter buttons work differently now. By default they're all unselected and you see every unit. If you click on a city you'll filter down to just those units. You can still include multiple cities, though, like if you were building a hybrid gold / crystal deck you could select Crystal Camp to see the hybrid units, Dwila to see the crystal units, and Titan Ridge to see the gold units.
Search is awesome!! I think one usability thing that would help is to make clear which resources a city supports, either in roll-over, or maybe with some small resource icons below the name on each button as a quick reference. If that is a challenge, you could always add another "?" button like you have next to search to give that extra info, but that would be less newbie friendly.

I'd also love to see a total count number somewhere that said "201 units found". It would have the additional benefit of giving the user some feedback that the list of units has changed, even with the top few rows stay the same.

great job on this! Getting greedy: one thing I thought would be cool is to have a second page with a few buttons that could hold some top community decks. As a hearthstone player, I tend to like sites like this where I can try out different popular builds:

It could just be a hand crafted set of decks you and the top players know would be useful for other players to see - no need for community features or accounts or anything like that. Totally unnecessary, but would be cool Smile

edit: this is Scott posting from Kate's account, but we're at PAX so I don't have time to swap, whoops Smile
Heart Shaped Games
Xyn, I just made each card link to your unit compendium entry, where an entry exists.  That data is kept track of in unitCompendium.js, where I map each unit name to the post id of your forum post.

Units without a compendium entry aren't clickable and have a relevant hover state.

Kate / Scott, sounds like it's time to figure out your sprite sheet!

Changed the header from orange to transparent black to match the footer, which my wife preferred. I have a terrible eye for design, so if you liked the solid orange gimme a holler.

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