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Highgrounds Unit Database
I built a simple unit viewer for discovering and reviewing Highgrounds units.  You can check it out here:

Right now it simply lists all the units and allows for filtering by resource.  I'm actively working on this side project and am happy to take a stab at any features you'd like to see.  Open an issue on GitHub or post your request here.

This project is open source.  You're welcome to fork the repository and tinker with it or, even better, submit a pull request with your changes or improvements.

I have access to the unit text data, but not thumbnails of the units, and you'll notice I just have placeholder images right now.  If you'd like to contribute and aren't into coding I'd love help collecting screenshots of each unit.

:beers: :rocket: :pizza:
Nice, looking very good. Lots of potential. I'm liking how quickly it sorts when clicking the 3 tabs on and off.

It just so happens that I started collecting screenshots of all the units today, for my review thread. They aren't currently suitable for your purposes, but I can edit them down for you pretty soon here, if someone else doesn't beat me to the punch.
Planning to replace the Gold/Crystal/Wood filter buttons with buttons for each city, so you can toggle specific combinations.  For instance, if you unselect everything except for the "Shadow Pylon" button, you'd only see units that cost gold + crystal +wood (and free units).

Work in progress on the feature/city-filters branch.  Up too late playing with this, need sleep.
Stickied, as promised Big Grin
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If its possible, maybe put in a sort by unit type like the old matrix had. That would make deckbuilding much easier
Awesome!!! Looking forward to seeing how this develops, let me know how I can help further. Once it feels fully baked and to your standards, I can work a link to it into the game somewhere in a future update.

My suggestions for nice to have features:
-(Hard) Filter or search by any keyword (Unit Types, Unit Name, rarity tier, and/or Ability name would be great)
-(easy) Link to more prominently at the top.
-(easy) nice header image such as the one attached!

Founder, Lead Designer on Hero Generations
@Mburn7: I don't remember how the old matrix sorted or what it looked like. Do you mean you want to filter units and only display units of a certain type, or do you want to sort the displayed units in a particular order? Tell me about how and why you'd use it and I'll see what I can do.

@scott: that would be totally rad.
(08-28-2015, 07:09 PM)Graebeard Wrote: @Mburn7: I don't remember how the old matrix sorted or what it looked like.  Do you mean you want to filter units and only display units of a certain type, or do you want to sort the displayed units in a particular order?  Tell me about how and why you'd use it and I'll see what I can do.

The old matrix had the ability to only show units of a selected type or ability (there were buttons on the side with the popular choices). I'm not saying this should be copied exactly, but there should be a way to search/sort units by type/ability in some way to make the deckbuilding process easier to visualize.
Basically, I use it if, say, I just got a Tally, I'd search for all vanguard units and plan which ones I'd use in a deck and which ones I still need. Having the ability to search for only those units is easier than looking through every unit in the game
Graebeard, what dimensions do you want character images to be cropped to?

As far as ways to sort, here are some off the top of my head, some you are already doing or that the old matrix did.

Resource type:
I really like your idea of having the different cities for this. It did bother me sometimes how it was all or nothing with hybrid units in the old matrix. Same with the in game sorting.

The simplest form of this would just be that every type, no matter how useless, had it's own tab. This isn't always the most useful thing though, as many types are at most useful for Matriarch, if even that. The Matrix did it by only having specifically useful types listed, such as Fox type, and it also grouped in Thief type units with Fox units since those two types are synonymous as far as the useful ability is concerned. The same with lumping in all Wizard types along with all units with the Zealot ability.

Even the Matrix got a bit cluttered with that. If you wanted to do anything like this, I might suggest a pull down menu. Click it, then scroll to the specific type that you want to sort by.

You could either do it more like the Matrix did it and have only the useful types, along with related useful units all lumped together into groups. That, or you could literally have an entry for every single type, in alphabetical order, so that you can find exactly the type you need for things like Matriarch. If you went more complete like that, I'd suggest putting like a little check box next to the pull down menu, which added comprehensive additions to each type when applicable. So, for example, if you searched for Soldier type and then checked the check box next to the drop down list, it would also show Dog type units, or at the very least, units with the Dogpack ability.

All of this is probably a bit complicated though, so maybe save that for later.

This would basically be categories for things like Attack, Defense, Healing, Transform, etc.

Maybe to sort this a bit more nicely, you could have a couple of layers to it. The first layer is for major categories, like all units with some form of Attack (attack, honor, rampage, bolt, maybe even things like toxic), or for disruption/wounding types of abilities (wound, arrow, fireball, flare, etc). Then, once you are in that category, you could pick sub categories for specific abilities, such as Spearhead or Paladin.

Some abilities would probably be included under two categories, such as Drain which would probably count both as a Wound ability and as a Healing ability.

I suppose for more rare and unique abilities, you could lump it in under a miscellaneous category.

If you want to get really fancy, you could even include upper and lower limit modifiers that you can search by, so that you only search for people with 4 or more Attack, or who have 2 or less Healing, or who have exactly 1 Defense.

Similar to the quantity modifier for amounts of an ability suggested above, you could do something similar with resource cost. Search for all units who cost 4 or less, or all units who cost 15 or more for example.

I'm not sure how it would work for hybrid units. Either it would set the limits based on the highest individual resource type amount that they cost, or they would be sorted based on the sum total amount of all resources that they cost. I would tend to lean towards the latter, although either way probably isn't a perfect solution.

This one isn't very useful for deck building, but it can still be very nice for collection management as well as if someone wishes to make a deck without using more than a certain number of units in a specific rarity.

Version Number:
This one is more useful for historical purposes, or if you specifically want to look at only a specific era of units. I'm not sure how much of this information is readily and easily accessible and it probably isn't super important to add. Still, I liked the feature on The Matrix, so I wouldn't object if it eventually returned here.

Similar to some of the other above suggestions, it could be cool if you could search between upper and lower limits, such as between version xxx and version zzz, which would include every version in between the ranges. All of that could be more effort than it's worth for a feature that wouldn't probably get that much use though.


That's all that come to mind at the moment. I'll post any other methods of sorting that I think of later.
Wow, pretty happy to see that High Grounds is not dead! keep it up guys!

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