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Share/Critique Your Deck Thread
Do slower Golem decks even work that well? Not that they necessarily have to, I just hadn't had much success with them in the past.

Back to Riftskippers originally posted deck, I finally got around to playing with it myself.

The 2 Gumil are definitely important as mid cost producers. Otherwise the deck is too likely to get random dead spots with no purchases.

I have no Delve, so I added in a second Era. Lacking Delve's wood production, I opted to add a Viath.

Not wanting to have more than 16 units, I ditched Roko since I have 2 Era, although there are times that I miss the extra cheap healer.

Here's what mine ended up looking like:

2x Ob
2x Kil
2x Diug
2x Walsh
2x Gumil
2x Era
2x Blight
1x Commander (F: 9 Atk 2 Wound, B: 3 Heal 2 Arrow, 14 Cost)
1x Viath

As usual, those 1 Walsh starts are brutal, but fortunately the way the deck is structured you can usually recover in a turn or two unless your opponent is front row focused.

Seems to be a solid build for a Blight deck incorporating Walsh. Pretty fun too. Nice deck Riftskipper.
Ehh, my Golem deck doesn't really work that well but it's fun when it does.

Finally got my Lanir (after 5 Eezics), so a gold deck this time:

Titan Ridge
2x Johnn
2x May
2x Harden
2x Evelyne
1x Horus
1x Jolien
1x Lanir
2x Cliff
2x Spike
1x Commander Knight (F: 7 Attack 6 Rampage, B: 4 Gold 6 Squire, 16 Cost)

I blame Xyn and his sextuple 2-cost producers for me including six 2-cost producers in this deck. I was like "how can I make this deck draw better" and then added in two Johnns. It actually works well, so kudos (I never tried it before). Only problem is the lack of back defense, leaving it vulnerable to large amounts of back row disruption. This tends to be a problem with most of my decks, lack of either front or back defense, sometimes even both. I should work on that.

Not a very interesting or innovative deck, but eh.
Fear my mediocrity!
Today's deck is another wood deck.

Sacred Forest
2x Kil
2x Diug
1x Roko
2x Gild
2x Feng
2x Loup
1x Marsh
1x Abbie
1x Commander (F: 9 Attack 2 Wound, B: 3 Healing 2 Arrow, 14 Cost)

A relatively fast wolfpack disruption deck. Slows down the opponent with Gilds and Fengs (1 back arrow is underrated IMO), buying time for my own units to come out. This deck doesn't produce much attack, but when your opponent can get nothing on the board, a little goes a long way. Gild for disruption of high-priority targets, Feng for lower-priority targets, both to punch through 1 defense. Stalling the enemy completely for several turns is strangely satisfying. I'm surprised no one (that I've seen) uses Gild actually, because he's basically wood's equivalent of Durant, and Durant is a good cheap disruption unit. His back row ability may be less versatile, but put one Gild in front and one behind and reap the opponent's back row till they have nothing.

Weak to pure rush and decks with no back row or heavy back row defense. On the other hand, it has had good success against gold decks and back row heavy crystal and hybrid decks.

Anyone have a matriarch deck BTW? Just got a Lynaia, trying to make it work but not doing too well. My draws are just too unreliable because of the non-wood faction units, even with extra recruit.
Fear my mediocrity!
Lynaia is one of those units which seems OP at first, but isn't really unless you have ALL the relevant cards. Era and a commander are nice, but not really quite enough. I might actually retry make a wolf deck with lynaia.
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my latest deck: it's not strong but it is fun as hell to pilot
Forest Village
Commander: 2wood 2 crystal/1 def 1 paladin
2 gorg
2 gild
2 kemp
2 naeth
2 melvar
1 xane
1 roko
1 sarr
1 qit
1 doken
1 ozgo

it's super dicey on the open, but the dream scenarion is naeth into 2 gilds which against gold can be debilitating.
This deck requires attention, skill and some guesswork to get it to go as well as some luck. but it's been super fun to play. rush causes problems because it's hard to slow it down, melvar mitigates some life lose and xane is great on both sides.

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