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[Beta] First Game Impressions
Just finished my first play thru and felt like I only scratched the surface. Before I dive back in, I thought I'd share some notes I jotted while I played...

1) I stuck with the first world and found the production values absolutely beautiful. The art is flat out gorgeous in motion. The character designs, backgrounds, music - everything looks and sounds great. I was a little worried, after seeing some of the equipment choices (i.e. the Splinter Cell goggles) in the preview screens, but I came away very impressed. Animations were probably the only thing that seemed pretty utility. Not bad - but looked a little janky/sparse in combat. Certainly serves the purpose, though.

2) I started with the tutorial and found it easy to follow and pretty straight forward. One small bug (?) is that the generations are wrong post-tutorial. You start off with a gen 1 hero, then you get to name a hero in the tutorial (gen 2), then the tutorial ends with my 3rd hero and I'm back to gen 1 instead of gen 3. This may be intentional, but seemed odd.

3) One part that confused me immediately was whether my hero was male or female. I saw no indicator and the artwork isn't always clear. In fact, the young male hero (or what I came to discover was male) looked very feminine to me Smile So, some indicator would be helpful. Hard to name a hero if I don't know the gender. Well, not hard, but could be awkward!

4) My biggest issue/suggestion would be to have some means to select a monster, character, town, etc. in the world. Yes, stuff appears on roll over, but some things (i.e. traits) require you to rollover the icon and since the panel disappears once you mouse out, you can't rollover a rollover. Thus, I was often fighting monsters without any idea what their traits actually were.

5) Semi-related. If I landed on a build spot and clicked off it (to look at quests or whatever), there didn't appear to be a way to get the build menu back. I had to blow another year clicking on the space a second time to get the build menu again. Should be a way to "finish the turn" so to speak without being penalized for looking at menus

6) I really like the card flip mechanic. I didn't realize it at the time (I was wondering why I was getting more/less flips), but after re-reading your release notes I get it and think it's a nice little strategic -.

...and now to dive into another game!

Aside: When I first started the game, I got a message asking to allow Flash to allocate more space for save data. Where is all of this saving?
This is only after an hour or so of play, but something that jumps out at me is dropping items. You can drop two items on the same square, if you reclick to pick back up, perhaps you could choose which one? that might be a nice QOL change.
Just ventured into the desert world for the first time. Very cool! The visual differences from the original world are great, but I really like the differences in the mechanics (from buried treasure, to the oasis, to the way the boss looks/moves across the map). Having a blast!

One thing I didn't realize is that when you upgrade a building, it loses its previous type. I had a fort town from all the barracks I built, and that produced a nice wooden sword for me every 8 years. Then I upgraded the barracks to an academy and suddenly no fort town anymore. Sad Now that I know, I'll have to be more careful! Will be interested in reading more about the tech tree and how that affects towns in the future.
This is great feedback. Keep the first impressions coming!
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Just ran into the air ship for the first time. Can that be something we can enter or ignore, like a town/shop. If I don't want to warp to another level, it acts like I've fled, which makes the air ship one heck of a road block.
To your 3rd point I like to add, that it would be really better if there were some indicators on whether the child is male or female, because you neither see an Artwork of the Child, and so it's difficult to name it. Afterwards you can see the Gender of your hero at the side of its name (Either Male-Symbol or Female Symbol)
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(10-19-2014, 04:11 PM)Thul Wrote: Just ran into the air ship for the first time. Can that be something we can enter or ignore, like a town/shop. If I don't want to warp to another level, it acts like I've fled, which makes the air ship one heck of a road block.

Seconded. Trying to dodge the airship became rather annoying quickly.

Had my first 1+ hour session with the game. For the most part, it was a lot of fun. Took a while to figure out how the mechanics interlink, but it was good to see such simple core mechanics yielding such good, emergent gameplay. The number of monsters / other heroes felt a bit high, though.

Some items for the wishlist:
1. Saving the progress. I guess this should be there, but my game got stuck twice, and I lost my progress on both times. Both times reported on the bugs forums.
2. Hero gallery or high score list. I had a great run on generation 5 - I'd love to be able to remember the Fame and Money he gathered.
3. Naming the family line - and being able to review how the different family lines fare against each other.
4. iPad version. I understand that this is not a priority, but it feels like a game that would fit my iPad gaming sessions perfectly.
Loving it so far Big Grin On my families 11th gen atm, I got to 4th gen on the first play through, buuuuuuuut I went to investigate the volcano world and didn't get back fast enough... such a shame too cos I'd beat the monster.

Buuuut my first world is full of +10 strength barracks and stuff, and money is of no issues. I got up to 200+ strength in gen 9+10. Way too op for the first world, not for the southern forest tho.

My only quibble is that when I've picked a name, sometimes it alters it, one case was Lefono turning to Lefbob, which was a bit odd... don't mind tho, long as the Lef part sticks Smile
I had 3 games since yesterday, just lost the last one because I carefully calculed to back on a town at 0 year but it was a frustrating Game Over then... well...

Beautiful game it is, congratulations for your hard work and I'm proud to be a backer.

Here are however my feedback on what to improve:

- It's seems the game is in Flash right? Animation take ages to proceed and slow the gameplay. For example, why should I have an animation everytime I go into a forest for something I can't control? The same for battles? What's the point? It only slow the gameplay and annoy me.

- What's the heck with all this card flipping? It just add boring useless clicks and randomeness, unless I miss something strategy-wise??

- What's the baby thing? May be a bug, one of my hero took a baby somewhere and pass it years after years to his child, hahaha!

- I had to go to Hero Generations website again to understand how buildings seems to change the city around.

Summary: too much randomness and useless "filling" animations for me, but the game sounds promising anyway.

Keep up the good work!
Just wanted to add my 2 cents to a few of those -

I actually liked the card flipping. It's random, but it made me feel like there's a certain "order" to the randomness and so I had some control over it.

As for the child, I believe it can be used in mating though he's right it's a little weird. Maybe instead of a baby it could be an adoption certificate or something? Adoption ticket?

As for the animations at battles and such I think it'd be more boring for them not to be there, personally. If you just stood on a tile and clicked a button to roll it'd feel less immersive and more like a board game in my opinion.

Best thing I can recommend is just in the future (before or after release) have the ability to toggle animations off for people that want a faster experience.
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