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Share/Critique Your Deck Thread - Riftskipper - 08-08-2015

I'm bringing it back! Because it seems cool to share strategies and decks, and to get feedback.

I'll start it off with a wood deck I've had good success with:

Sacred Forest
2x Ob
2x Kil
2x Diug
2x Walsh
1x Roko
2x Gumil
1x Era
1x Delve
2x Blight
1x Commander (F: 9 Atk 2 Wound, B: 3 Heal 2 Arrow, 14 Cost)

Deck stats: 16 units, 61 Atk, 8 Rampage, 6 Wound, 2 Arrow, 3 Defence, 4 Recruit, 14 Wood, 7 Growth, 12 Heal

This deck's strategy is basically to quickly ramp up the economy and then get a big guy out every turn. Ob, Kil, Walsh and Diug grant massive early game economy, and with one Gumil a Delve can be brought out for some Rampage and even more economy with Growth. A maximum of 29 Wood can be produced in a single turn. This allows any card drawn to be played, and with there being so many high cost guys in this deck, it basically guarantees that a big guy will come out every turn past turn 5/6 or so, although the pain train can start earlier on turn 4 with good draws. Era keeps everyone healthy and can be brought forward for more attack if needed, and the Blights and Commander provide lots of punch and some disruption.

The Roko is there for early game heals and some basic wound blocking with its one defence. In a pinch, it can be used with Gumils for some front attack, but this usually doesn't happen unless facing down a rush deck (which are surprisingly uncommon).

This deck's largest weaknesses are strong rush and early mass wound (Spike/Rune before Delve/Era/Commander comes out is basically a loss), but it can also be beaten by decks with lots of defence but still have some good punch, because the wound disruption that's half the reason this deck works so well doesn't take place. Gold decks with Arthurs and Cliffs are good at this. Haven't tested against a Skeleton deck yet. Toxic may possibly work, but it's such an uncommon ability to see used.

Anyway, that's the deck I'm sharing today. Feedback is of course welcome, and please do post your own decks below so we can all share knowledge and become better players. GLHF!

RE: Share/Critique Your Deck Thread - Xyn - 08-11-2015

I don't have a Delve to try this deck out for myself, but the concept seems very solid.

Personally I like rolling with a Commander who has some Attack and 3 Wound so that I can wound those pesky 1 Defense units from above, but the extra Attack is probably better for this deck. Maybe a behemoth deck like this could benefit from a 20 cost Commander though, I'll have to do the math on some possible builds.

I might try ditching the Gumil and replacing them with 1 Viath and 1 Ansel, Viath to keep the maximum wood production potential high (along with options for disruption), and Ansel to help provide a nice Spike wall when placed behind a front row Roko. I suppose I could try Adrog instead of Ansel, but I'm concerned about replacing two 6 cost units with two 10 cost units.

Since I'm missing Delve I guess I'll add in a second Era.

I' want to post some more interesting decks, but I've been pretty busy lately, so I guess I'll post a more ordinary one.

This is a Knight deck revision I've started messing with, as a potential update to my pre-expansion Knight deck:

1x Arthur (I really would rather have 2)
1x Commander (Knight type, 2 Attack 2 Rampage, 2 Gold 2 Recruit, 4 cost)
1x Lanir
1x Cook
2x Harden
2x Johnn
2x May
2x Ramm
2x Hale

I'd really kike to get 1 Raleigh and 1 Fog in there, and as I mentioned above I'd prefer 2 Arthur... And maybe a Flip. Trying to balance Knights benefits vs Liege benefits. But at the same time I want to keep the deck as small as possible. Still trying to work out what exactly I want out of it.

So far it does alright though.

RE: Share/Critique Your Deck Thread - Riftskipper - 08-11-2015

Would love to have my commander have 3 wound, but the commander I use in this deck I also use in a few others where I can't afford anything too expensive. In addition, he's reached max level, so that throws a spammer into the works.

I don't have either Viath or Adrog, so can't test it out, but I don't think replacing both Gumils is a good idea. If, for example, your opponent is also using wood, or if he/she is using a rush deck, they can prevent Growth from triggering, thus limiting your economy severely. If they have wound on top of that you're basically dead because your economy is too weak to get anything out. Gumil has saved me a few times from this, because just 2 Diug is just enough to get a Gumil out for some much needed production. Maybe cutting 1 Gumil would be fine though.

Your deck looks like a pretty good fast Knights deck.

Maybe cut one May and replace with a Fog? You can only have 7 units in front anyway, so having 2 Mays results in 1 sitting back row in the deck's final state. Would affect your economy slightly, but I think it should be fine. Raleigh is a taller order IMO, because it's hard to cut the other units. If you don't mind increasing your deck size slightly, you could always just toss him in for a 15 unit deck, which is still very reliable. Although if you've gotten far enough in the game to need the boosted defence, you've generally lost I would think, given that this is a fast deck. Then again, there are disruption decks around. Not sure about this one.

If you want 2 Arthur, maybe cut the Ramms? Double Arthur decks require better economy and tend to be slower, so Ramm will likely become a liability. Then again Lanir can potentially have ridiculous production. Not completely reliable, though. Not sure how it will pan out without testing. Add a Raleigh, probably. I just realised Knights has almost no early game except Ramm(meh), Hale(solid) and Tarim(awful). May need to keep a Ramm, then, just for the additional attack.

If you want to go for a more Liege-focused deck, probably cut Ramms and replace with Flips, and add in a Stucky. Fog could be added as well for a round 16 units. 16 units is still alright on 4 recruit. Could cut a Johnn to shrink the deck, will need actual testing to see.

For a hybrid, you could probably just replace both Johnns with Flips, because Flip is also a producer as long as you don't get rushed down, and can be used for your finisher.

RE: Share/Critique Your Deck Thread - Xyn - 08-12-2015

I had the Ramm's in because I wanted a decent number of Knight type units and as you say, Raleigh is a bit costly. But I just realized...

You need a minimum of 4 Knights in a deck to make Arthur's back row worth using, however a Commander Knight with 2 Attack 2 Rampage can act as two knights worth, or three if his Rampage goes off. Perhaps I should just leave it at 2 Hale and the Commander Knight, as just those three will act as 4 or 5 Knights all on their own. Maybe even add in a Raleigh for one more Knight and to buff Hale if direly needed.

I love having 2 May 2 Harden 2 Johnn, but they do take up a lot of wasted space. I'll play with dropping one or two Johnn, since I don't have a Horus in the deck, although his 1 Attack can come in handy sometimes with Lanir buffing him. Maybe I'll start by dropping one Johnn and then drop 1 May as well if absolutely needed.

I'll post once I've made some tweaks.

RE: Share/Critique Your Deck Thread - Impronoucabl - 08-12-2015

How could've I forgotten to update this post? Oh well, I'm not sure If I've shared this army before, but I've got a fairly decent, cheap golem rush.

2 x Gaeis
2 x Opal
2 x Dante
2 x Doro

2 x Urn
2 x Mana
2 x Loom

(I don't even commander)

Aside from the Gaeis, most units are fairly easy to get.

It's got a fairly standard start: Loom/Mana & Urn. Then you add in Dantes for a bit more damage until you have around 12 production (still fairly quick, around only 5 producers out), when you can sneak out a Gaeis for around 6-7 damage. Another Gaeis is usually GG, but if you really like surprises, you can delay your initial Gaeis for 2 the next turn, doing about 9-10 damage, usually winning you the game. It's still a bit weak to traditional decks if they avoided early damage, but otherwise, it's fairly strong.

RE: Share/Critique Your Deck Thread - Xyn - 08-13-2015

Heh, nice. That's almost exactly the Golem deck I run, except I use 2 Rorth instead of 2 Urn. I lose the front row option on them and the 1 Attack front 1 Defense back that Urn provides, but I drastically increase my chances of a fantastic T2 which is pretty beneficial to the deck.

I imagine the right Commander could be helpful to the deck, but I'm not sure if it would be helpful enough to make such a dedicated Commander. It would probably just replace one of the Doro's anyways.

On my Knight deck, I made a few tweaks. I took out 2x Ramm and added 1x Arthur and 1x Raleigh, so it now looks like this:

1x Commander (Knight type, 2 Attack 2 Rampage, 2 Gold 2 Recruit, 4 cost)
1x Lanir
1x Cook
1x Raleigh
2x Arthur
2x Harden
2x Johnn
2x May
2x Hale

It performs much better now, although I still want to tweak it a bit. I'm still open to 15 or 16 units and/or removing a 2 cost producer or two, but still would rather not if I can figure out good ways to avoid it.

RE: Share/Critique Your Deck Thread - Riftskipper - 08-13-2015

My version of a Golems deck. Slower but a bit harder hitting.

1x Ghasper
2x Loom
2x Rorth
1x Ino
2x Tempest
2x Dante
2x Molo
1x Opal
2x Gaeis
1x Commander Golem (F: 2 Bolt 1 Paladin, B: 5 Defence 2 Arrow, 14 Cost)

Ghasper because only Gaeis and my commander cost more than 6, so using a Ghasper on turn 1 doesn't cripple the deck because I'm still guaranteed a play on turn 2, and getting a 6 drop out on turn 2 is pretty cool. No Doro because my deck is already 16 units and I don't want to bloat it. Ino for a bit of back defence and light healing, which is needed because this deck is slower.

My commander could use some work, the back defence is a bit useless. Would much rather have healing instead, but at the same time I don't want to risk the good front row (not to mention the golem type) by respeccing.

That Knights deck looks pretty solid. Maybe try adding a Fog (can replace a producer if you want 14 units) to see if it makes a difference? Probably not much of one, but test and see?

RE: Share/Critique Your Deck Thread - Impronoucabl - 08-14-2015

Oh, my first decklist was for a golem rush, I have a separate golem army for hard hitting. Here's my other one.

2 x Gaeis
2 x Molo
2 x Varo

2 x Rorth
2 x Mana
2 x Loom
2 x Tempest
1 x Trathor
1 x Annrick

1 x Commander (23C, 3 spearhead+3 wound/3Defense+7healing)

RE: Share/Critique Your Deck Thread - Riftskipper - 08-14-2015

And so we have rush golems, midrange golems and heavy golems, and balance is restored to the universe.

That commander tho :0

What does Anrick do again? Is he the vampire guy with vanish?

RE: Share/Critique Your Deck Thread - Impronoucabl - 08-14-2015

Yup, he's the guy with bolt 3/ 11 crystal vanish.